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The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal December 2016 Edition

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December 2016 EDITION| diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com


In life, there are some common things that all human beings either have or need to have. That is food, clothing, shelter and money. As you strive to be amongst the economic 1%, you need to know / learn where to invest or deposit your money. One of the places that you will invest your money is in the bank. Before you even think of investing your money in the bank, you may be forced to decide whether you should have your treasure as a physical commodity (such as gold or prime property) OR as cash.


The first metal coins were minted in China and Turkey around 2500 years ago. Before then, people mostly traded using barter trade. This was possible because they were living in smaller communities and one could mentally keep track of their debts / credits. When people wanted to trade in outside economies or in far places, they always wanted to transact using something that is scaleable. This desire resulted to the invention of commodity money.


This commodity money had five distinct characteristics:

  1. The Money is easy to carry around.
  2. The Money can be easily identified.
  3. The money has the ability of having one value being substituted by several smaller values. And these smaller values should equally total up to the one single value that they are substituting.
  4. The Money can be easily cut into smaller pieces.


Coins were therefore invented as a mode of currency because they were more durable unlike grains / rare stones / fish etc. A more stable economic system was needed as undurable commodities were a bad store of value. A bad store of value can easily throw an economy / currency into turmoil. The need for money usually arises naturally as markets begin to develop and as people realize that they need some medium of exchange in order to procure a product or pay for services rendered. Money therefore originates from people and not governments. Coins enabled people to buy commodities across vast territories as long as people trusted the metal content that the respective authorities made them with. Authorities were given the mandate to supply currency in their respective territories. By minting coins in a steady and predictable manner, authorities were able to promote economic growth / stability.


As a result, money and political power was intrinsically centralized and linked. Authorities were able to levy taxes on their subjects through this universally accepted currency. These taxes were used to build palaces, to maintain their lavish lifestyle and to finance the wars that they constantly waged at the time. The authorities then started to substitute expensive metals with cheaper ones when minting new coins. This is called currency debasement. France used to debase its currency in every 20 months for 200 years. Currency debasement occurs when the value of the currency is lowered. It is particularly used when the quantity of gold / silver / copper etc is reduced in those respective metal coins. Currency debasement may encourage you to invest your money into other investment instruments such as Fixed Deposit Investments, Government Bonds, Real Estate Property etc. This is encouraged so as to have the money invested to create extra income as a shilling invested today, can be debased to fifty cents. In reality, you need to have that shilling multiplying several times in the future so as to counter currency debasement.


Traders found it cumbersome and risky to carry several boxes of coins while going to buy goods from far away markets. They also ran the risk of the money being stolen en route. International merchants therefore realized that one person’s debt was valuable and that it could be traded or transferred, if it originated from a reliable and trusted source. They therefore came up with an I Owe You (I.O.U.) Note that one could use as some form of paper money. This paper money was based on somebody’s promise to pay and not on hard commodities or metal. Many traders could write an I.O.U. Note and there was a need to have bigger players to act as intermediaries between them. This was because bigger merchants could supply / source for commodities from multiple traders. As a result, they were used as clearing houses for the I.O.U.s By acting as clearing houses, their mandate was to settle mutual claims and I.O.U. notes between traders / bigger merchant families that represented other traders under them.


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In 1913 the Federal Reserve was created after U.S. Bankers and Politicians decided that the country needed to have a permanent central bank as a matter of national significance. The Federal Reserve mandate included the supply or retaining of a single currency known as the Federal Reserve Note. The dollar as was earlier alluded to was still tied to gold. A strategic control of the U.S. dollar currency was used to control the countries economic booms / bursts.


In 1933, President Roosevelt introduced a controversial Executive Order that was issued on the 5th of April 1933 where all persons were required to deliver all gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates that they owned to a Federal Reserve Bank, Branch or Agency OR to any member of the Federal Reserve System, on or before the 1st of May 1933. Failure to give the gold as requested subjected that particular citizen to facing a possible jail term. The Federal Reserve lured foreign governments and citizens to surrendering their gold to them by giving them a great payout unlike the fixed payout that the U.S. citizens were being given in exchange for their gold. Many were lured into the offer and a lot of gold entered the United States. These foreigners helped to spread the dollar currency across the globe.


Then came World War Two which devastated every major economy except the United States. This was possible as the U.S. owned more than half of the worlds gold reserve, and one could redeem the dollar for gold. As a result, the U.S. dollar became the worlds most stable and trusted currency. This in turn enabled the United States to emerge as the world’s financial superpower as other countries pegged their currency to the U.S. dollar. President Roosevelt was forced to cut ties between the United States currency and gold in 1971. This was necessitated when foreign nations started demanding for gold in return to giving back the U.S. dollar currency to the Federal Reserve in 1966. These foreign nations had more U.S. dollar currency than the U.S. government had as bullion’s in gold to give them in return. By severing the U.S. currency from gold, President Roosevelt stopped these foreign nations from ever claiming for the U.S. government gold in exchange for the U.S. dollar. Foreign governments had no other alternative but to continue debasing their coins to cheaper metals and to print more of their own currency than they had an equal measure in gold bullion’s. Remember that before this happened, each currency had an equal measure in gold bullion’s stored by the national governments Central Bank. By breaking this rule, these foreign nations resulted to the breaking of the bond between paper currency and precious metals.





December 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com


You may be wondering why the income gap between the rich and the poor keeps on widening on a daily basis instead of contracting over time. This is largely because the mathematical equations that rich people use and the one that poor people use totally contrast. Poor people use the mathematics of addition that is mostly based on a salary income.

You work so hard so as to get paid at the end of the month. Once your salary has been paid, you then use it to pay for monthly recurring expenses only to be left with little or no money as savings. You are therefore left with no other option but to go to work so as to get paid another salary at the end of the month. In most instances, you are forced to work another extra job so as to earn an additional income that shall enable you to cater for your expenses. Rich people on the other hand use the mathematics of multiplication. For every shilling that they have in hand, they always ensure that it is either doubled, tripled etc. One such investment that entrepreneurs use to multiply their money is through shareholding. A share is a stock in a company. You are able to get profits in shares through over the counter trading or through dividends. Five percent of your share holding capacity in an institution that you have bought shares in is the minimum expectation that you can expect as dividends. Rich people always aim to be investors instead of being traders. By doing so, they always become richer as the poor continue to be poorer. A trader is always relying on the daily market trends so as to get income and when he / she is not trading, then no income is generated. An investor puts his / her money in an institution / product / service from where other people will work so hard so as to make it become a success.

In the long run, by investing in the institution / product / service, you do not have to be working on a daily basis so as to generate income.  For example, by buying a majority shares in a company, you are automatically eligible to be the company’s board member. This comes with a monthly salary or sitting allowance for every board meeting attended / represented. Some companies also pay you a monthly stipend just for being a majority shareholder to encourage you to not sell your shares. It should be noted that from the above examples, you do not have to report to work on a daily basis from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm so as to get paid.



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December 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com


In order for you to know what is going on, how it is going on and when the going is going to happen, accurate and up to date information is required from reliable sources. These reliable sources are your networks or bridges to success / failure based on how you interact with them. To be able to get to this exclusive group of decision makers / breakers, you may have to register to the exclusive clubs that they belong to, attend conferences / meetings that they brainstorm / learn from etc.

One way that you can get deals done is through aligning yourself with public servants that call the shorts in your area of interest. Public servants range from the President, the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretaries, Ministers, Kings / Queens etc who exert influence in their spheres of mandate by virtue of the office that they are holding. The salaries that they get paid as civil servants are always minimal since it can not fully sustain the lifestyle that goes with their status. To cater for the funding deficit, public servants are able to use public service to enrichen themselves.

Businessmen always know that these influential people that call the shots are in constant need of money for them to maintain their status lifestyle. They therefore line their pockets with money in exchange of favors. Businessmen buy influence whereas public servants sell their influence to the highest bidder. To avoid being easily traced, influential public servants deal in physical cash or get paid through proxies. Using such a payment system is convenient for them as it avoids trace-ability. It enables them to be able to operate anonymously and with impunity.



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December 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com


Once you become a celebrity, one of the dangers that you will face in your life is the risk of food poisoning or being poisoned with lethal drugs that are aimed at leaving you dead without being easily detected. To avert this, most celebrities have resorted to only eating at places that they trust for instance at home. Sometimes, while at home, the celebrity always eats food from the same bowl as the spouse or chef. This is because; there have been instances where celebrity spouses / chefs have been paid to poison them at home.

While in a public setting, celebrities prefer eating from a self serving section that has many people serving from it. This is because, should there be cases of poisoning, then very many people will be poisoned and food eateries hate such scenarios. Having a meal that is served to a specific person on the table always makes it easy for that person to be poisoned. In such instances, most celebrities always switch meals or go without taking the meal. Celebrities have therefore developed the habit of not eating in functions that they attend or if the meal is served in a way that they do not like. Sometimes a celebrity may be forced to buy a whole crate / package of a drink just to pick one to drink. It is also recommended that you order for a fast moving meal in cases where you must place an order. In such an instance, order for meals that most people on your table ordered for. For example, if you are four people on a table, all of you can place an order of a meat pie with cappuccino instead of the three of you placing for that order while one orders for a chicken pie and cappuccino. An opportunity for the person placing the order of chicken pie and cappuccino to be poisoned, if he or she is a celebrity can occur in such an instance.

Sometimes a person can put poison in his / her fingertips. He / she will then serve you tea from a tea pot / flask and then offer to stir the sugar for you. While doing so, they will secretly release the poison from the edges of their fingertips into your tea. You will then drink the poisoned tea without knowing a thing.




December 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com


The effect of a drug is usually determined by the amount taken. When taken in small quantities, the drug acts as a stimulant. If taken in huge quantities, then the drug acts as a sedative. Taking the drug in excessive quantities is disastrous and kills.

This article is going to give you an insight on cocaine as a drug. Whenever you want to indulge yourself into using any drug, always endeavor to know the facts of the drug in full detail.

Cocaine is extracted from Coca plant leaves hence the prefix “coca” which is combined with the alkaloid suffix “ine” = COCAine. Cocaine acts as a stimulant and a suppressant. Traditionally the Incas in the Andes chewed the raw leaves of the coca plant so as to get their hearts to beat faster and to speed up their breathing as a counter to the effects of living in thin mountain air / high altitudes. Native Peruvians on the other hand, chewed coca leaves during religious ceremonies until the year 1532 when Spanish soldiers invaded Peru. Spanish soldiers found it easier for them to control and exploit Indian laborers (whom they forced to work in their silver mines) by constantly supplying them with coca leaves to chew.

It was difficult to grow nutritious plants in the Andes. Fortunately, the coca plant which was rich in proteins and vitamins could grow there.

In 1859, a German chemist (Albert Niemann) became the first person to extract cocaine from coca leaves. The drug was later popularized in the medical community in the 1880s. Cocaine was being used in medicine to numb and decrease bleeding during nasal surgery etc.

In 1886 John Pemberton came up with a new soft drink which he named as Coca Cola. He included coca leaves as Coca Colas ingredient. This helped to increase the popularity of the drink due to the euphoric and energizing effects of the drug to Coca Cola consumers.






You can be able to diversify your income when you use the following business ideas.

 Creating an e book:

Times are changing rapidly, and with it, people are always endearing to catch up with what is currently trending so as to embetter themselves. Write about what you know or spend much time either doing / talking about. Sometimes this e book can be a course since people prefer learning things by searching for them online. This avenue can be used to create a subscription business where people get value for what they are exclusively paying for. If you have good content that people value, make sure to find a way of charging for it instead of giving it out for free.


Create a network:

If you have a huge following / fan base, then make money off it. You can use your following to get paid to feature a product / service at a fee. This feature can even be in the form of a blog post / status update for your site / fan page on a social networking site.The more friends / fans / followers that you have, the more money you can make. You can also make money from blogging for different publications. The better you write and the more following you get, then the more money you get are likely to get as payment. If you have a referral / affiliate program for a product / service, sign up and obtain your own unique URL which you can share and then get paid as your following / fan base subscribe to it / buy the product / click on the URL. If the company does not have an affiliate program, then enquire if they have an affiliate code.



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