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September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com



One of the most important phases in a person’s life is pursuing a good education. Your parents always ensure that you go to the best schools to acquire quality knowledge from the time you attain school going age till you reach the highest possible level of academia. In most instances, you never knew that education systems as we currently know them; actually came into being after the 19th century. It was at this time that industrialization had just started to flourish and so education was predicated to cater for industrialism. Subjects that were deemed as being the most useful in coming up with employees to work in this industries were given top priority in the education system.

You should by now have known that every education system on earth has the same hierarchy of subjects. At the top of these educational subjects hierarchy are Mathematics and Language subjects whereas Humanities subjects are always ranked at the bottom. This is simply because you are required to be able to listen to and to respond to whatever instruction that is being given to you. You are also required to know arithmetic so that you can be able to know how many hours of work your employer needs you to work and to account for money that you will incur or generate for your employer (this includes counting the wages that you will be paid after doing a satisfactory job at work).

In the Arts subjects for instance, emphasis is placed on the Art and Music subjects whereas Drama and Dance subjects are lowly ranked. This is because with Art, you can be able to decorate the workplace or draw signage to be used at the workplace to give instructions or show directions. Music subjects could be used to make you entertain employees at work so that they do not get bored or fall asleep on the job while working.


Drama and Dance subjects are discouraged because they distract you from working as you have to concentrate on watching the actors involved. They were therefore deemed as important for home entertainment.

The education system is predicated on the idea of academic ability where the more exams you pass with extremely good grades, the highly likely you are to get employed or to advance to the next level of education. As a result, this education system is designed to filter out extremely excellent students to have the opportunity to work as trainers. The system also lets the best employees to also be trainers. This closes the education loop by creating a continuous training of entrants into the system while solving trainer attrition as shown in the diagram below.


Diagram ILLUSTRATED BY MBATI V A for the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal September 2016 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at : http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com

Universities also distorted the academic system by designing their own institutionalized custom made mode of training students that suited their Image. This customization process has protracted to date.

As time progresses, more and more people worldwide are graduating in education, and this is as a result of advancements in technology (from where one can be able to undertake distance learning) and the effect of work transformation (which has resulted to employers increasing need of educated employees and especially those who have been trained in those fields of work that they have in their industries instead of having to train them afresh while on the job).

More people are also graduating worldwide because of Demography and the huge explosion of the population as the average lifespan of a human being to live on earth increases, while infant mortality decreases. The process of Academic Inflation has come into being as a result of this many people that are currently graduating. This is because we have too many people graduating at the same time with the same academic qualifications. They then flood the job market seeking for employment thereby leaving the employer with no choice but to filter out the number by employing only those applicants that have added qualifications.

 It should be noted that at this day and age, having a degree is not worth anything. Sooner or later, even having masters will be worth nothing unless you have other qualifications to supplement it.

The kind of education that you need is one that is customized for you, with creativity and literacy being treated on equal status. Such a kind of education encourages you to concentrate on things that you like or on things that you are good at in school instead of stigmatizing or devaluing them. Creativity in itself is achieved by being prepared to fail when you take a chance while delving into the unknown; since you have no idea of what will play out in the future. It is in these uncertainties that you become ready to take chances even thou you do not know anything. This may necessarily not equate to being creative.

On the other hand, the same people that came up with a need for education to create employees (servants) also had another system of education that was meant to create employers (masters). This other educational system has fundamentally rethought principals in which students are taught. They have also been made to be too costly beyond the reach of many so as to create fewer masters and plenty of slaves at their disposal.

This elevated educational system hierarchy has adopted a new concept of human ecology to that of a rich human capacity  and that which makes you to be able to know how highly talented , highly  creative and brilliant you are.


As for the employee customized education system aforementioned , the students mind is stripped to its basic capacity and then customized to cater for either the current employment or future employment requirements more or less the way we strip mine the earth for a particular mineral or commodity.

The elevated educational system has radically reviewed fundamental principles of teaching a child including the way in which intelligence is perceived. Intelligence being the intellectual capacity of humans which is in itself a complex topic but is basically the ability to learn, present problems and to solve problems.

The human brain has different parts, each with its own special properties that mutually interact in spite of the different ways that they perceive things. As a good student, you should be able to have the ability to operate the way your brain works.

With that insight, I now hope that you have been enlightened as to how the education system works and can now comfortably know if you are designed to come out of it as a slave or as a master.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal September 2016 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com



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