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March 2017 EDITION| diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

When you go out to shop for a Product / Service, you always expect the person selling the Product or Service to treat you with courtesy. This is because they expect you to come back again / refer more people to come and shop with them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some Luxury Fashion Labels / Shops / Retail Stores usually decide to stereotype people and generalize the way that they are portrayed. For instance, a Luxury Fashion Label / Shop / Retail Store may use secret code to alert employees when a specified person of Color or Race or Dress Code enters the store. Employees are then trained to stereotype customers by generalizing them on how they should be portrayed.

For example, some customers may be walking to a hotel that they are staying in for some time. The day may turn out to be hot and humid. They therefore decide to stop at a nearby Café to cool down as they are tired, hangover and sweaty. To get to the Café, they pass through a certain malls corridors, past a Mortgage Center (which was opposite the Café). The Mortgage Center clerks encircled the customers asking if they could be of any assistance etcetera. The customers politely decline and head to the Café. Within a short period, two well dressed persons who obviously have money to spend walk into the Mortgage Center. The clerks ignored them. The reason behind the former customers hounding is that they looked homeless and were out of their buyer demographics. They were the ones being profiled and the well-dressed customers were their target demographic. That is why the clerks did not bother to keep an eye on them.

People are stereotyped based on what they can be able to afford / what most people of that demography buy; instead of just focusing on their Race / Skin Color / Dress Code. Most sales agents are on a commission-based salary. They always want to sell to anyone, but also take precautions to avoid selling to non-willing / uninterested customers. In real sense, one should not have to dress in business casual in order for him / her to get a service.

The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal and Sanfordestroe Company do not sell their Products / Services through Acclamation, Obstruction or Appearance Profiling.

* When your company sells through Acclamation, you usually find yourself placing noisy

speakers at the entrance of your premises to market your products. Such noise usually

brings attention to the store but most customers are usually irritated by it.

* When your company sells through Obstruction, you usually place your products on the

pathway that customers are supposed to be walking on. This is usually done to

physically alert the customer of the product and it really irritates a majority of

customers. This is because they have to maneuver their way on the walkway to pass

through as they head to their destinations.



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March 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

Building wealth is a process that takes time to accomplish. For you to be able to multiply your income sources, one of the areas that you will find yourself being involved in is Trading / Investing. You may find yourself being involved in Forex Trading, Commodities Trading, and Futures Trading etcetera.

Wealthy people always want to develop relationships with other successful / wealthy individuals. This therefore makes them to be very particular with the people that they associate with. Since wealthy people have excess money that they are not using, they always endeavor to multiply the money to have enough money to:

* Cater for the unknowns.

* Invest in the stock market as strategic savings.

* Launch a side business.

* Invest in profit yielding real estate / properties.

In order for you to be able to increase the amount of money that you are saving, you need to:

* Track how you spend your money. This will enable you to be aware of instances where you

are spending your money badly or instances where a vendor may have erroneously

charged you for a Product / Service.

* Minimize your spending.

* Buy quality Products / Services.

* Maximize on your income generating sources.

Surround yourself with people that will encourage you to follow your own goals. Encouraging yourself to be with people that give you negative energy shall only worsen your situation. We have three kinds of people that you should be able to identify. These are C+ People, C People and C- People.

* C+ People are people that bring out the positivity in you or people that encourage you to

follow your own goals in spite of how ridiculous the goals may seem to them. These are

people that you should See (C) More (+).

* C People are people that you meet or interact with as you undertake your daily chores.

They are more or less like your acquaintances. These are people that you just C (See) but

do not usually spend most of your time with.

* C – People are people that give you negative energy. You should always avoid these

people as they do not add / give any value to your life. They are therefore people that

you should See (C) Less (-).


Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal December 2016 Edition

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Always aim to learn new skills. These new skills shall help you to grow as an individual. You can be able to learn these new skills by:

* Learning them in an Educational Institution.

* By joining Groups / Clubs that are enthusiastic of a new Skill / Technique that you want to


* Through Self-Improvement etcetera.

You cannot be able to save until you have paid off your debts. Carrying debts that have compound interests is bad. Such debts should be avoided at all costs. Financial Stress always changes people for the worse. Do not let financial stress ruin your life since life is too short for you to live it as a spectator.

Investing / Trading requires hard work / effort. You need to spend quality time researching on stocks of instruments that suit your style of investing. Copying other people’s style of investment is not acceptable as everyone has a different risk appetite. It is recommended that you stick to the basics when trading. You can start by finding Non-Correlated quality Stocks or Exchange Traded Funds. Non-Correlated Stocks / Asset Classes are Stock / Asset Classes that tend to not move along with the wider stock market for example Gold and Silver. Exchange Traded Funds on the other hand are a pooled investment instrument that you can use to access a diversified exposure to a particular area of the market. These areas can be in Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies or a blend of assets.

In Exchange Traded Funds, investors buy shares that represent a proportional interest in the pooled assets. These shares can be bought directly from any Brokerage Accountant. Exchange Traded Funds can take place any time the markets are open, you can sell short, place a stop loss or limit orders and can buy them on margin. Always remember to not trade Exchange-Traded Funds in the first and last minutes of the trading day.

Exchange Traded Funds Risks include:

* Exchange Traded Fund Shut Down. In such an instance, the fund is always liquidated

and Shareholders paid in cash. You should always sell out of an Exchange-Traded Fund as

soon as it announces that it is closing. Remember to avoid rushing to trade with an

Exchange-Traded Fund just because it is trending.

Always apply due diligence and make an extensive research on a fund as it may be on the

verge of shutting down / may be at risk of shutting down / may be shutting down.

* Broken Exchange Traded Funds occurs when a country experiences a Revolution / Crisis

that forces the country’s stock exchange to shut down for a period that may last for days

or weeks. During the closure, investors may expect it to open from where the market was

before the Revolution / Crisis. However, when the stock exchange opens back again, the

market may be flat thereby forcing the Exchange Traded Fund to plummet in value.





March 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

Living in a Gated Community is the envy of many homeowners. It makes them feel as if they are living in an exclusive and secure residence. If the amenities and alternative access roads are properly Designed, Managed and Catered for, then you have no need to worry / be troubled. However, in some instances, this may never be the case especially when unscrupulous residents with egocentric ideas decide to influence or manipulate the Residential Area Decision-Making Process / Organs.

To give you an idea of what may happen; we are going to use a Virtual Community Estate / Residence. You may have desired to own your own home with a nice garden instead of renting one. You happen to get a place where you can set up your dream home. At the time of buying land, the place happens to be having few residents since many people have not yet bought the allocated pieces of land.

The design of the location is strictly residential to provide residents with a serene, quiet and lush green environment to live in. Soon, the place is substantially occupied. Cases of houses being broken into and thieves getting an easy way out without being caught started to arise. Some of these thieves had the courage to carjack residents. They then had them driving all over the estate while harassing them. Residents came up with a unanimous resolution in their estate meeting to have each Estate Zone Boundary Streets / Routes gated. The initial Estate Master Plan had the estate designed with open zones that allow for the mutual flow of people and cars. To cater for this initial master plan, estate residents decided that all Second Avenues / Access Roads were to be accessible to vehicles in case there is restricted access on the Estate Main Avenue due to cases such as vehicle accidents. They were therefore reserved as Alternative Vehicle Access Routes during emergency cases. The introduction of gates actually helped to curb estate carjacking and to restrict the easy movement / access by thieves.

Residents further decided to introduce Zonal Security Guards. This was done because of some residents had their family members being killed within the estate / being killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped within the estate. Robberies also became violent as robbers began stealing while armed due to restricted escape routes. It should be noted that most of these killings were predetermined as some spouses ordered the killing of their partners for monetary purposes. In other instances, these residents were being killed because of the underhand dealings that they were involved in such as drug trafficking, money laundering, tenderpreneuring etcetera. Some homes were also robbed because of the friends that the family members welcomed into their homes. These friends could see the lavish lifestyle that they were living in or be privy to inside information such as where the house keys are hidden for other family members to access when there is no one around. They could then tell other people, some of whom will turn out to be robbers. Sometimes even these friends could be robbers. In other instances, the people making the gates colluded with robbers to have an increase in their gate sales.



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March 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

You may decide to go and acquire a loan that shall enable you to cater for crucial ventures. I would like to discourage you from taking a loan to cater for emergencies. Emergencies are planned for by saving. If you know the time value of money, then you know that when you borrow money, the returns must be magnified. You must always outperform your invested money to obtain an Exponential Return of Value. Whatever you do with borrowed money, your Rate of Return should always be better than your Borrowing Rate. Lending institutions know this very well and so should you.


                       A loan is comprised of two components:

* The Principal Amount (This is the amount of money you are loaned).

* The Interest Amount (This is the amount institutions charge you for lending you their


A loan also comes with Fees / Extra charges such as : Application Fees, Risk Premium / Insurance Fees, Negotiation Fees / Staff Commission Payments, Commitment Fees etcetera. Lending institutions get rich at the misery of others / from the misery of others. These institutions are in the business of making profits and self-gain is all that matters. You should therefore do proper research before taking any loan. You may be thinking that you have taken a superb loan when in the real sense, the person that offered you the loan did not fully disclose to you the loans terms and conditions.

This article is going to show you how to calculate interest on a Reducing Balance Interest Loan and Flat Rate Interest Based Loans.


Lending Organizations fix their Interest Rate to a Standard Rate that is determined by an external entity such as the Government, the Federal Reserve or the Central Bank. The external entity determines the Maximum Index Interest Rate that lenders can levy on their customers as determined by law. Lenders shall then base their loans on a Fixed Interest Rate that is determined by them and the Index Rate that was determined by the external entity. This index rate may vary over time, implying that your loan shall be constantly reviewed to reflect the new interest. When creating the product, the lender always ensures that, they incorporate the frequency at which the interest rate is reviewed.

Loans that are using an Index Rate are always updated anytime there is a new Index Rate. The interest rates quoted for such loans become the effective interest rate.

Interest Payable Per Installment = Interest Rate Per Installment * Remaining Loan Amount

For example:

If you borrowed a loan of 100,000 shillings and that loan was disbursed on the 15th day of the month with an interest review to be undertaken on a monthly basis. The loans Interest Spread as determined by the bank shall be reserved at a rate of 2% per month during the term of the loan.

At the time of taking the loan, the Index Rate shall be at 5%.

Loan Amount : 100,000

Interest : 5% (Index Rate) + 2% (Spread as determined by the bank).

Installment Payment Rate : Monthly

Loan Interest Rate Review : Monthly

Loan Disbursal Date : 15th / Month /Year

Suppose the external entity keeps the Interest Rate at 5% on the next month that you are supposed to pay the Loan, then the Interest payable shall be:

First Installment Interest Rate of 7% that is 5% Index Rate + 2% Spread as determined by the bank.

Interest Rate Payable = 7/100 * 100,000 = 7,000

NB: The loans Principal Amount of 100,000 may not be the amount that you shall actually get in your account  when the loan is disbursed. For instance, the loan amount may be less after bank charges have been deducted. Charges such as 3% Processing Fee = 3,000 Shillings and 0.6% Insurance Fee per Year = 600 Shillings. Hence, Amount shall be 100,000 – 3,600 = 96,400 Shillings. Other lenders may even decide to withhold money that equates to certain number (s) of loan monthly repayment amount to cater for loan payment delays. This amount shall then be deducted from the amount that   the client is supposed to receive in the account.

If the Index Rate is increased to 6%. The change will affect the loan repayment schedule as follows :  6% (Index) + 2% (Spread) = 8 %

If your Monthly Installment is 10,000 Shillings then you will have paid 7,000 Shillings as the Interest Amount and 3,000 Shillings shall have been used as payment for the Principal Amount.

The Second Months Interest Payment shall be :

100,000 – 3,000 = 97,000 as the New Principal Amount

97,000 * 8/100 = 7,760 as Interest Rate payable for that month.

Lenders using the Reducing Balance Method of loan payment always ensure that you spend the first two years offsetting the loans interest as opposed to the Principal Amount. If you go to the bank to request for a loan statement, that will help you to confirm that. You can also confirm if you are paying more of the loan interest as opposed to the Principal Amount is when you request to settle the debt / have the loan bought off.

If you are using your salary to calculate your loan ability,  the formula usually uses Gross Pay and not Basic Pay.


If you are borrowing for a long period, then a Flat Rate Interest Loan is recommended. When borrowing for a short period, then a Reducing Balance Interest Rate Loan is recommended.

Some institutions utilize a true Reducing Balance Loan where you have a constant Interest Rate for the duration of the loan. The Interest Amount is also calculated after the Principal Amount paid has been deducted. The advantage of borrowing from institutions where you own shares is that you end up getting paid dividends when they make profits.




March 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

Nicotine is a poisonous chemical that contains Nitrogen. Nicotine is produced synthetically or made by the tobacco plant as a means of protecting itself from being eaten by insects.

The tobacco plant is native to the Americas and Native Americans initially used it during sacred rituals and as medicine. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves through solvent treatment or by steam. Nicotine was first used as an agricultural insecticide in 1763 when it was sprayed on vegetation to kill / deter insects.

Nicotine either killed / deterred insects as its effects are lethal to the nervous system. There have been reports of gardeners dying from handling nicotine in a matter of minutes due to respiratory failure.

In 1828, Nicotine was extracted from tobacco Leaves.

In 1614, Beggars in Seville, Spain invented cigarettes. These beggars used to collect scraps of cigars and then rolled the tobacco into small pieces of paper. Before then, tobacco consumption used to be limited to either chewing tobacco OR smoking tobacco / cigar.


After a smoker inhales, nicotine is absorbed by your body through the Mucosal Linings of the Mouth , Lungs and Nose while the rest is absorbed through the Skin. This nicotine then travels through the bloodstream to the brain. Smokeless tobacco products such as Skin Patches, Gum and Chewing Tobacco deliver their Nicotine Fix when it is absorbed through the Gastrointestinal Tract or Skin. Once nicotine has entered the body, it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, it has access to all the major organs of your body e.g. the brain. Nicotine shall then stimulate Adrenaline Glands to produce Epinephrine. This increases your heart rate and blood pressure while constricting your blood vessels, making you alert. Epinephrine also triggers Glucose to be released in your body. This Glucose then gives you a short-term energy boost.

Nicotine binds to specific receptors on the Presynaptic Neuron. Nicotine binds to Nicotine Receptors on the Dopamine containing Axon Terminal (found in the Nucleus Accumbens) resulting in the release of more Dopamine. This then makes the smoker to enjoy the pleasure of smoking and to have the desire of using it repeatedly.





Whenever you set up a Company, always ensure that you have put in place proper Company Policies and Guidelines / Procedures. A Company that is selling high-end vehicles had a Client requesting to view three vehicles to fully decide on the vehicle that he shall buy. The Company Director then called one of the employees to have the vehicles delivered to the client’s offices for viewing. The employee decided to get two of his friends to drive the other two vehicles as there was no one else to drive them. En route, armed robbers waylaid the vehicles convoy and forced the drivers to drive to a nearby forest. The drivers were left stranded in the forest and the robbers drove off with the vehicles.

The company employee then reported the matter to the police at the nearest police station. In the mean time, the Company Security Guard together with the employee’s two friends decided to go into hiding. The employee was then arrested and charged before court for conspiring with others (who were not in court) to rob the company of three vehicles. In court, the employee was tried and the charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence and shoddy investigations.

This was possible because:

  * The Telephone instructions that the Director gave the employee were unsubstantiated, as

they were not recorded.

* When the Vehicles were leaving the Show Room, there was no Documentation signed by

the Drivers to acknowledge the same.

* When the Vehicles left the Company premises, the Security Guard was not given any

Dispatch Documentation to log the same in a Register.

The company ended up losing the Vehicles at their own expense as the Cars had no Insurance. The element of mutual trust between the employee and the employer is good but in cases where proper documentation must be done, no compromises are acceptable.



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