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The use of Oil as a major source of energy shall end. In place of Oil, use of Electrical / Solar Energy shall take over. We shall therefore be driving Electric Cars / Vehicles / Planes and Ships. Electric Planes shall aid in airplane safety as the plane shall no longer be bursting into flames when it crash lands. The hull of the plane shall also be better reinforced as the extra weight that used to be occupied by fuel shall no longer exist. These extra lightweights shall be used to also increase the luggage capacity of the plane. In other instances, the plane shall also be able to fly for longer distances as their flight distance shall no longer be limited by its fuel capacity.

Electric Cars shall also be the norm of the day. As a result, carbon emissions shall be reduced. The Iron or Metals that shall have been used to come up with engines that use oil in Vehicles, Ships and Planes shall be redirected to other uses/ it shall also be possible to use old vehicle bodies to come up with Electric Engine Cars. This business venture shall generate a lot of money for those that shall venture into it as early as possible. Oil shall therefore be used to make Plastic Poles, Plastic Housing Materials, Plastic Tarmac etcetera.

Manually driven cars shall be outdated. Just as Automatic Gear Boxes started to overtake Manual Gearboxes, so shall Self-Driving Cars. Self-Driven Cars will help reduce those accidents that are caused due to human driver errors. This is because they shall be more intelligent and smart. Self-Driving Cars shall also be susceptible to errors, which shall require the human driver to manually override the self-drive mode to tackle them. These may be errors such as the self-driving system crashing or encountering a scenario that it cannot solve / has never been programmed to tackle. The good thing is that the self-drive system shall also be able to learn on the go.

Such a scenario can be seen when driving an Automatic Gearbox Vehicle where the driver may speed the vehicle without knowing. This is because the car engine is able to automatically increase speed depending on the drive terrain requirements. As a result, the driver has to constantly check the speedometer when driving. This problem with the Automatic Gearbox can be sorted by using preset automatic gear level speeds limits and gear level change / speed alerts. This alert can be placed on the accelerator pedal for the driver to physically feel while driving.

The good thing with a Manual Gearbox is that should you find yourself driving the vehicle at a speed bracket that is pre-set for a specific gear level, then the car informs you. The information may be in the form of the car body shaking uncontrollably or the engine sound being weird. These signs immediately make you aware of a problem with the vehicle speed that needs immediate correction.


With the advent of Self-Driving Electric Cars, the possibility of having the same car flying shall also be real. There shall therefore be a need for flying cars regulations. These regulations shall include the need to fly the car in designated coordinates, periods and in stipulated situations. There shall also be a need of having accident mitigations and safety standards for the flying car occupants and the public at large. Some of these accident mitigation measures shall have already been incorporated in Self-Driving Cars. Additional regulations shall include flying car drivers training and licensing requirements, Automatic flying car stop/ refusal to fly in unstipulated car flying coordinates. The relevant standardization body shall also have to ensure that the Flying Car meets Minimum / Set Standards.

Quantum Webmatics shall be the norm of the day. This is where one can be able to share a File / Access a Webpage using a Virtual Server. This Virtual Server shall be Individual User’s Computers where any computer can act as a Server instead of having a single Server being accessed by many computers. Individuals Computers shall act as Servers if they agree so and a copy of the Files / Web Pages stored there. These copies shall be automatically updated on the computer. The same copy of Files / Web Pages shall also be duplicated on other user’s machines. The User that wants to Share / Access the Web Page shall be able to randomly do so. This scenario shall turn out to be a nightmare to Web User Resource Locator / Internet Protocol tracking / blocking. The reason is that, it shall be difficult to block the file sharing / website as you cannot shut down the millions or billions of computers that shall have duplicates of the Webpage / File Sharing or Hosting worldwide.

Astronauts / Space Orbital Machinery / Equipment will also be able to not just operate on Solar Power but shall also be operating using Electric Power. This shall enhance space exploration, as equipment shall be able to venture into areas in space where there is no Solar Power. They shall also be able to travel further into the universe and be able to land in planets such as Mars or Exoplanets or Stars like Pluto. Space Orbital Houses shall now be able to position themselves in orbit at will.

These Astronauts / Space Orbital Machinery / Equipment shall be strategically spaced out from the Moon to Pluto / Exoplanets so that Staff / Food Supplies can be freely interchanged within short distances.

With the advent of Quantum Power Generators, widespread electrical outages will be outdated. This is because Power Substations shall be interconnected.

Each Power Substation shall be an independent power generator. In case of a disaster that may result to the shutting down of a particular Station / Substation, power shall be distributed to the power grid of that particular Station / Substation through alternative grid routes. During disasters, it shall also be easy to set up an Emergency Command Center while using Quantum Power Generators that do not use oil as their source of energy. This shall also make use of Water Desalination Plants to be cheap to operate / use.

Electric Ships / Trains will also be able to operate without having to connect / reconnect to the National Power Grid. This shall be possible, as they shall be using the previously mentioned Quantum Power Generators. As a result, Ships shall be able to sail further and to carry more cargo (as there is no need of having oil tanks).

Water Desalination Plants shall be easily set up as the cost implications of powering them shall be low. Quantum Power Generators that are not dependent on fossil fuels, as a major source of energy shall make this possible. This shall also make Electric Space Travel Stations possible. Introduction of Nano Quantum Power Generators shall be used to power devices such as Mobile Phones, Wristwatches etc. An increase in Flying Ships shall also arise thereby posing a challenge in maritime management.








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