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While travelling, security en route / at your preferred destination is paramount. Terror Alert shall be one of your major security scares. Terrorists operate in the same way as Cartels (see Cartelization Article in the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal September 2016 Edition). They always target places where the impact shall be high and widely felt. As a result, they are able to get very many people killed and injured or cause massive structural damage on areas that they need to sabotage with minimal effort. Such places include but are not limited to: Stadia Events, Spectator Routes for events such as Marathons / Car Rallies / Air Shows etc, Congressional Meeting areas such as Church Events / Parliamentary Sessions / National or State Events e.g. Celebrity Weddings / Funerals / Political Rallies, Public Services / Products access areas e.g. Shopping Areas / Passenger Pick Up or Drop Off Terminals / Passenger Service Vehicles or Public Means of Transport.


Terrorists attack because of extreme Religious / Social / Political beliefs, which unite them and motivate them to strike without care. In their world, you are either with them or against them.


An example of terrorists attacking due to social and political reasons may be because their geographical region has been annihilated. Dissidents in the area shall then seek for secession / independence from the wider state / region/ locality. If diplomatic ways of resolving the conflict fail / is deemed to be slow or produces unwanted results, then the dissidents shall result to violence. As usual, violence begets violence. The ruling government shall ensure that dissident violence is countered with brutal force and law enforcement techniques. The outcome being a fueled violence and dissidents bombarding or attacking national monuments such as Government Offices, National Embassies, National Police Stations, Killing Senior Government Officials / Celebrity Sympathizers etc.


You should be aware of areas that have long-term outstanding conflicts as they put in place strict security surveillance or enforcement techniques, which are prone to proxy wars. These proxy wars can result to terrorism related activities or incidents.


When an incident takes place, do not stop by just to add up to the spectators that are crowding up the area. Unless you are going to be of help, move on and inform relevant authorities to follow up / investigate the scene. Lingering about may cost you, as a second explosion / shooting incident etc may take place once the crowds are deemed to be sufficient by the terrorist. This as was earlier alluded to, is due to terrorists operating with numbers of fatalities. Crowds as usual, provide excellent numbers for them to take full advantage off.

To detect a terrorist, you use a Suspicious Person / Luggage / Movement Observation Technique abbreviated as SPOT, SLOT and SMOT respectively. This therefore enables you to identify a person whose behavior warranties keen attention. They may be behaving suspiciously because they are suicide bombers or are carrying a bomb-activating device. In case of shooting, these are the people concealing guns in their clothing as they wait for the opportune time to strike or grab an armed guard’s weapon and then shoot aimlessly to kill.


Scan your surroundings for any suspicious luggage, especially Unattended Luggage/ luggage that is deliberately concealed from plain sight with no one claiming responsibility for it. While on the road, be on the lookout for suspicious movement of transportation vehicles e.g. Planes / Personal Cars / Motorcycles etc. Cases of vehicles being hijacked / stolen/ hired and then being used for terrorism activities such as ramming them into crowds of people / buildings exist. These vehicles can be driven / flown by terrorists at unusual speeds / routes that deviate from the norm e.g. ramming into pedestrians footpaths / promenades.


In most cases, terror attacks occur during special holidays such as Easter or Idd/ Anniversaries that the terrorists want people to be aware of. You should always be on the lookout for intelligence reports on terror attacks. When used more intelligently, better intelligence can assist you in quashing / avoiding being involved in a terror attack.


As a human being, you can never be perfect all the time. You should therefore plan for the worst while hoping for the best.



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