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You cannot be able to maintain or acquire massive Wealth / Poverty over a long time if you do not have the right mentality. Becoming rich is based on how you think. It is and has never been about how much money you have to work with to be rich. When it comes to money, your intelligence or education cannot stop you from getting rich as everyone has the potential to become rich irrespective of his or her intelligence / the highest level of education obtained.


The first and most important thing to start with is to Grow Emotionally: Acquire the mindset of the rich and overcome your obsession with getting other peoples approval. When you are broke and pursuing that which the masses see as a rare thing to achieve or a difficult mission to accomplish, many people will always discourage you from pursuing it. They will even plead with you to be “realistic” and to stop dreaming. The concept of “Realism” is always subjective. One person’s idea of realism may be earning 20,000 shillings a month while another person’s idea of realism may be earning 500,000 Shillings to 1 Million Shillings per Month. When you associate yourself with the rich, you always get exposed to their level of thinking about money. This usually changes your mindset. You should therefore always aim at studying the way rich people think about Money or Create Wealth, and then follow their Lead / Example. The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal always aims at getting you there through its Articles and Reviews.


The second most important thing is to create a written vision for your life: This vision should last for Five Years. The First Year is always used to set up a solid foundation for your plan including getting your ideas into actual action. You should always be willing to work hard to overcome your obstacles. Avoid shortcuts, as they are usually costly in the end. Patience is key as worthwhile goals always take time to achieve as long as you stay focused and on track. Getting frustrated when you do not get instant results will not help you get rich but will always make you poor. Moreover, as long as you are achieving your goals and ambition, money never runs out. When the economy is doing badly, money is always out there. You can therefore not claim that there is no money as it is you who has not yet figured out how to make money or where to get money during such times. The best investment ideas are those that are found in your daily life or ideas that people make use of in their daily lives. It should however be noted that the rich always do one thing in their life before they move on to another. When they double on what they are doing, it is often done in succession and not simultaneously. This is also done based on a winning instinct.


Your Investment Results always become visible during the Second Year of Investing to make money. The First Year is always used to explore and to perfect your moneymaking skills. Remember to always stick to your goal and to ignore the Nay Sayers or Distracters.


Third, Learn to Self-Correct Yourself: This is done through Continuous Self Assessment. Always analyse yourself to find out if your actions are bringing you closer to achieving your goals or if they are drifting you further away from attaining your goals. Once you have found out the outcome of your actions, you can then use that opportunity to self-correct your course and then get back on track. Your interest should always be on the result of your actions as there are many ways or means of achieving / attaining a result.


Fourth, think about the future: To maintain your lifestyle of being rich, you must always think long term. By being Action Oriented, the rich always seize the now opportunities while investigating any potential threats or opportunities to their wealth. The rich are always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things since you cannot be able to know everything. Always surround yourself with people who offer different or conflicting approaches as they enable you to know the bad aspects of your Mindset / Ideas. They can also enlighten you on areas that you need to rectify or perfect on as you acquire / safeguard your wealth.


Lastly, focus on the correct perceptions of Wealth Creation or Retention.


* Money should never be equated with stress but with a peace of mind.

* Avoid a Lottery Mentality when Creating or Maintaining your Wealth. Instead, have an Action Mentality as get rich quick schemes never work. Easy come, easy go. Wealth is always created over time.

* Focus on Earning Money instead of Saving Money. Every penny spent must always be Multiplied. Saving your money does not help as the value of Money or Wealth always Depreciates / Devalues over time.

* Instead of thinking about having your money running out, think about how you can make money. You always use money to make money.

* Hard Work does not Create Wealth, but Leveraging does. You should therefore always exploit an Opportunity or system to your advantage at all cost.

* Money is never earned through Labor or Employment but through Smart Thinking. Your Employer will only pay you that which is enough to make you come back again to work for him or her. With the Correct Mindset or Thought, you can easily come up with Ideas or Ways that shall make you or get you to be rich.

* Getting rich is never out of your control but is always an inside job. The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal corroborates that. The 1% always want money revolving amongst themselves.

Now that you know the reality, it is time to put words into action and to stop complaining out there.

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