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You cannot be able to maintain or acquire massive Wealth / Poverty over a long time if you do not have the right mentality. Becoming rich is based on how you think. It is and has never been about how much money you have to work with to be rich. When it comes to money, your intelligence or education cannot stop you from getting rich as everyone has the potential to become rich irrespective of his or her intelligence / the highest level of education obtained.


The first and most important thing to start with is to Grow Emotionally: Acquire the mindset of the rich and overcome your obsession with getting other peoples approval. When you are broke and pursuing that which the masses see as a rare thing to achieve or a difficult mission to accomplish, many people will always discourage you from pursuing it. They will even plead with you to be “realistic” and to stop dreaming. The concept of “Realism” is always subjective. One person’s idea of realism may be earning 20,000 shillings a month while another person’s idea of realism may be earning 500,000 Shillings to 1 Million Shillings per Month. When you associate yourself with the rich, you always get exposed to their level of thinking about money. This usually changes your mindset. You should therefore always aim at studying the way rich people think about Money or Create Wealth, and then follow their Lead / Example. The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal always aims at getting you there through its Articles and Reviews.


The second most important thing is to create a written vision for your life: This vision should last for Five Years. The First Year is always used to set up a solid foundation for your plan including getting your ideas into actual action. You should always be willing to work hard to overcome your obstacles. Avoid shortcuts, as they are usually costly in the end. Patience is key as worthwhile goals always take time to achieve as long as you stay focused and on track. Getting frustrated when you do not get instant results will not help you get rich but will always make you poor. Moreover, as long as you are achieving your goals and ambition, money never runs out. When the economy is doing badly, money is always out there. You can therefore not claim that there is no money as it is you who has not yet figured out how to make money or where to get money during such times. The best investment ideas are those that are found in your daily life or ideas that people make use of in their daily lives. It should however be noted that the rich always do one thing in their life before they move on to another. When they double on what they are doing, it is often done in succession and not simultaneously. This is also done based on a winning instinct.


Your Investment Results always become visible during the Second Year of Investing to make money. The First Year is always used to explore and to perfect your moneymaking skills. Remember to always stick to your goal and to ignore the Nay Sayers or Distracters.


Third, Learn to Self-Correct Yourself: This is done through Continuous Self Assessment. Always analyse yourself to find out if your actions are bringing you closer to achieving your goals or if they are drifting you further away from attaining your goals. Once you have found out the outcome of your actions, you can then use that opportunity to self-correct your course and then get back on track. Your interest should always be on the result of your actions as there are many ways or means of achieving / attaining a result.


Fourth, think about the future: To maintain your lifestyle of being rich, you must always think long term. By being Action Oriented, the rich always seize the now opportunities while investigating any potential threats or opportunities to their wealth. The rich are always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things since you cannot be able to know everything. Always surround yourself with people who offer different or conflicting approaches as they enable you to know the bad aspects of your Mindset / Ideas. They can also enlighten you on areas that you need to rectify or perfect on as you acquire / safeguard your wealth.


Lastly, focus on the correct perceptions of Wealth Creation or Retention.


* Money should never be equated with stress but with a peace of mind.

* Avoid a Lottery Mentality when Creating or Maintaining your Wealth. Instead, have an Action Mentality as get rich quick schemes never work. Easy come, easy go. Wealth is always created over time.

* Focus on Earning Money instead of Saving Money. Every penny spent must always be Multiplied. Saving your money does not help as the value of Money or Wealth always Depreciates / Devalues over time.

* Instead of thinking about having your money running out, think about how you can make money. You always use money to make money.

* Hard Work does not Create Wealth, but Leveraging does. You should therefore always exploit an Opportunity or system to your advantage at all cost.

* Money is never earned through Labor or Employment but through Smart Thinking. Your Employer will only pay you that which is enough to make you come back again to work for him or her. With the Correct Mindset or Thought, you can easily come up with Ideas or Ways that shall make you or get you to be rich.

* Getting rich is never out of your control but is always an inside job. The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal corroborates that. The 1% always want money revolving amongst themselves.

Now that you know the reality, it is time to put words into action and to stop complaining out there.

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While travelling, security en route / at your preferred destination is paramount. Terror Alert shall be one of your major security scares. Terrorists operate in the same way as Cartels (see Cartelization Article in the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal September 2016 Edition). They always target places where the impact shall be high and widely felt. As a result, they are able to get very many people killed and injured or cause massive structural damage on areas that they need to sabotage with minimal effort. Such places include but are not limited to: Stadia Events, Spectator Routes for events such as Marathons / Car Rallies / Air Shows etc, Congressional Meeting areas such as Church Events / Parliamentary Sessions / National or State Events e.g. Celebrity Weddings / Funerals / Political Rallies, Public Services / Products access areas e.g. Shopping Areas / Passenger Pick Up or Drop Off Terminals / Passenger Service Vehicles or Public Means of Transport.


Terrorists attack because of extreme Religious / Social / Political beliefs, which unite them and motivate them to strike without care. In their world, you are either with them or against them.


An example of terrorists attacking due to social and political reasons may be because their geographical region has been annihilated. Dissidents in the area shall then seek for secession / independence from the wider state / region/ locality. If diplomatic ways of resolving the conflict fail / is deemed to be slow or produces unwanted results, then the dissidents shall result to violence. As usual, violence begets violence. The ruling government shall ensure that dissident violence is countered with brutal force and law enforcement techniques. The outcome being a fueled violence and dissidents bombarding or attacking national monuments such as Government Offices, National Embassies, National Police Stations, Killing Senior Government Officials / Celebrity Sympathizers etc.


You should be aware of areas that have long-term outstanding conflicts as they put in place strict security surveillance or enforcement techniques, which are prone to proxy wars. These proxy wars can result to terrorism related activities or incidents.


When an incident takes place, do not stop by just to add up to the spectators that are crowding up the area. Unless you are going to be of help, move on and inform relevant authorities to follow up / investigate the scene. Lingering about may cost you, as a second explosion / shooting incident etc may take place once the crowds are deemed to be sufficient by the terrorist. This as was earlier alluded to, is due to terrorists operating with numbers of fatalities. Crowds as usual, provide excellent numbers for them to take full advantage off.

To detect a terrorist, you use a Suspicious Person / Luggage / Movement Observation Technique abbreviated as SPOT, SLOT and SMOT respectively. This therefore enables you to identify a person whose behavior warranties keen attention. They may be behaving suspiciously because they are suicide bombers or are carrying a bomb-activating device. In case of shooting, these are the people concealing guns in their clothing as they wait for the opportune time to strike or grab an armed guard’s weapon and then shoot aimlessly to kill.


Scan your surroundings for any suspicious luggage, especially Unattended Luggage/ luggage that is deliberately concealed from plain sight with no one claiming responsibility for it. While on the road, be on the lookout for suspicious movement of transportation vehicles e.g. Planes / Personal Cars / Motorcycles etc. Cases of vehicles being hijacked / stolen/ hired and then being used for terrorism activities such as ramming them into crowds of people / buildings exist. These vehicles can be driven / flown by terrorists at unusual speeds / routes that deviate from the norm e.g. ramming into pedestrians footpaths / promenades.


In most cases, terror attacks occur during special holidays such as Easter or Idd/ Anniversaries that the terrorists want people to be aware of. You should always be on the lookout for intelligence reports on terror attacks. When used more intelligently, better intelligence can assist you in quashing / avoiding being involved in a terror attack.


As a human being, you can never be perfect all the time. You should therefore plan for the worst while hoping for the best.




hit and run 2

When walking on the streets, always use designated pedestrian crossing points when crossing a road. If such designated pedestrian crossing points are not provided for, then take your time to cross the road.


If you do not consider this, you may end up being knocked down by a speeding vehicle and the driver may leave you there for dead. In case the driver decides to stop, he or she may decide to take his or her time before taking you to hospital. In the mean time, you will be lying there injured and may even end up dying at the scene as people take their time to take you to hospital. In as much as you may be in need of immediate medical attention, the driver may never bother about that.


In the case of a hit and run, other drivers may not bother helping you, as they will be in a hurry to undertake their chores. An example can be given of an incident where a person was hit by a vehicle that sped off, leaving the person there for dead. The person could not be rushed to hospital because other drivers did not want to have a bleeding person in their vehicles.


This was so as they did not want to incur extra expenses / time of having their vehicles seats being cleaned of the blood stains that the accident victim will have bled in their vehicle.


The victim ended up dying due to massive bleeding as onlookers waited for the first responders to arrive at the scene.


If you value your life, then take your time to use appropriate crossing points. Shortcuts may help you attain quick results but the consequences are cataclysmic. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.








The use of Oil as a major source of energy shall end. In place of Oil, use of Electrical / Solar Energy shall take over. We shall therefore be driving Electric Cars / Vehicles / Planes and Ships. Electric Planes shall aid in airplane safety as the plane shall no longer be bursting into flames when it crash lands. The hull of the plane shall also be better reinforced as the extra weight that used to be occupied by fuel shall no longer exist. These extra lightweights shall be used to also increase the luggage capacity of the plane. In other instances, the plane shall also be able to fly for longer distances as their flight distance shall no longer be limited by its fuel capacity.

Electric Cars shall also be the norm of the day. As a result, carbon emissions shall be reduced. The Iron or Metals that shall have been used to come up with engines that use oil in Vehicles, Ships and Planes shall be redirected to other uses/ it shall also be possible to use old vehicle bodies to come up with Electric Engine Cars. This business venture shall generate a lot of money for those that shall venture into it as early as possible. Oil shall therefore be used to make Plastic Poles, Plastic Housing Materials, Plastic Tarmac etcetera.

Manually driven cars shall be outdated. Just as Automatic Gear Boxes started to overtake Manual Gearboxes, so shall Self-Driving Cars. Self-Driven Cars will help reduce those accidents that are caused due to human driver errors. This is because they shall be more intelligent and smart. Self-Driving Cars shall also be susceptible to errors, which shall require the human driver to manually override the self-drive mode to tackle them. These may be errors such as the self-driving system crashing or encountering a scenario that it cannot solve / has never been programmed to tackle. The good thing is that the self-drive system shall also be able to learn on the go.

Such a scenario can be seen when driving an Automatic Gearbox Vehicle where the driver may speed the vehicle without knowing. This is because the car engine is able to automatically increase speed depending on the drive terrain requirements. As a result, the driver has to constantly check the speedometer when driving. This problem with the Automatic Gearbox can be sorted by using preset automatic gear level speeds limits and gear level change / speed alerts. This alert can be placed on the accelerator pedal for the driver to physically feel while driving.

The good thing with a Manual Gearbox is that should you find yourself driving the vehicle at a speed bracket that is pre-set for a specific gear level, then the car informs you. The information may be in the form of the car body shaking uncontrollably or the engine sound being weird. These signs immediately make you aware of a problem with the vehicle speed that needs immediate correction.


With the advent of Self-Driving Electric Cars, the possibility of having the same car flying shall also be real. There shall therefore be a need for flying cars regulations. These regulations shall include the need to fly the car in designated coordinates, periods and in stipulated situations. There shall also be a need of having accident mitigations and safety standards for the flying car occupants and the public at large. Some of these accident mitigation measures shall have already been incorporated in Self-Driving Cars. Additional regulations shall include flying car drivers training and licensing requirements, Automatic flying car stop/ refusal to fly in unstipulated car flying coordinates. The relevant standardization body shall also have to ensure that the Flying Car meets Minimum / Set Standards.

Quantum Webmatics shall be the norm of the day. This is where one can be able to share a File / Access a Webpage using a Virtual Server. This Virtual Server shall be Individual User’s Computers where any computer can act as a Server instead of having a single Server being accessed by many computers. Individuals Computers shall act as Servers if they agree so and a copy of the Files / Web Pages stored there. These copies shall be automatically updated on the computer. The same copy of Files / Web Pages shall also be duplicated on other user’s machines. The User that wants to Share / Access the Web Page shall be able to randomly do so. This scenario shall turn out to be a nightmare to Web User Resource Locator / Internet Protocol tracking / blocking. The reason is that, it shall be difficult to block the file sharing / website as you cannot shut down the millions or billions of computers that shall have duplicates of the Webpage / File Sharing or Hosting worldwide.

Astronauts / Space Orbital Machinery / Equipment will also be able to not just operate on Solar Power but shall also be operating using Electric Power. This shall enhance space exploration, as equipment shall be able to venture into areas in space where there is no Solar Power. They shall also be able to travel further into the universe and be able to land in planets such as Mars or Exoplanets or Stars like Pluto. Space Orbital Houses shall now be able to position themselves in orbit at will.

These Astronauts / Space Orbital Machinery / Equipment shall be strategically spaced out from the Moon to Pluto / Exoplanets so that Staff / Food Supplies can be freely interchanged within short distances.

With the advent of Quantum Power Generators, widespread electrical outages will be outdated. This is because Power Substations shall be interconnected.

Each Power Substation shall be an independent power generator. In case of a disaster that may result to the shutting down of a particular Station / Substation, power shall be distributed to the power grid of that particular Station / Substation through alternative grid routes. During disasters, it shall also be easy to set up an Emergency Command Center while using Quantum Power Generators that do not use oil as their source of energy. This shall also make use of Water Desalination Plants to be cheap to operate / use.

Electric Ships / Trains will also be able to operate without having to connect / reconnect to the National Power Grid. This shall be possible, as they shall be using the previously mentioned Quantum Power Generators. As a result, Ships shall be able to sail further and to carry more cargo (as there is no need of having oil tanks).

Water Desalination Plants shall be easily set up as the cost implications of powering them shall be low. Quantum Power Generators that are not dependent on fossil fuels, as a major source of energy shall make this possible. This shall also make Electric Space Travel Stations possible. Introduction of Nano Quantum Power Generators shall be used to power devices such as Mobile Phones, Wristwatches etc. An increase in Flying Ships shall also arise thereby posing a challenge in maritime management.










March 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com


Living in a Gated Community is the envy of many homeowners. It makes them feel as if they are living in an exclusive and secure residence. If the amenities and alternative access roads are properly Designed, Managed and Catered for, then you have no need to worry / be troubled. However, in some instances, this may never be the case especially when unscrupulous residents with egocentric ideas decide to influence or manipulate the Residential Area Decision-Making Process / Organs.


To give you an idea of what may happen; we are going to use a Virtual Community Estate / Residence. You may have desired to own your own home with a nice garden instead of renting one. You happen to get a place where you can set up your dream home. At the time of buying land, the place happens to be having few residents since many people have not yet bought the allocated pieces of land.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal March 2017 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at : http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com

The design of the location is strictly residential to provide residents with a serene, quiet and lush green environment to live in. Soon, the place is substantially occupied. Cases of houses being broken into and thieves getting an easy way out without being caught started to arise. Some of these thieves had the courage to carjack residents. They then had them driving all over the estate while harassing them. Residents came up with a unanimous resolution in their estate meeting to have each Estate Zone Boundary Streets / Routes gated. The initial Estate Master Plan had the estate designed with open zones that allow for the mutual flow of people and cars. To cater for this initial master plan, estate residents decided that all Second Avenues / Access Roads were to be accessible to vehicles in case there is restricted access on the Estate Main Avenue due to cases such as vehicle accidents. They were therefore reserved as Alternative Vehicle Access Routes during emergency cases. The introduction of gates actually helped to curb estate carjacking and to restrict the easy movement / access by thieves.


Residents further decided to introduce Zonal Security Guards. This was done because of some residents had their family members being killed within the estate / being killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped within the estate. Robberies also became violent as robbers began stealing while armed due to restricted escape routes. It should be noted that most of these killings were predetermined as some spouses ordered the killing of their partners for monetary purposes. In other instances, these residents were being killed because of the underhand dealings that they were involved in such as drug trafficking, money laundering, tenderpreneuring etcetera. Some homes were also robbed because of the friends that the family members welcomed into their homes. These friends could see the lavish lifestyle that they were living in or be privy to inside information such as where the house keys are hidden for other family members to access when there is no one around. They could then tell other people, some of whom will turn out to be robbers. Sometimes even these friends could be robbers. In other instances, the people making the gates colluded with robbers to have an increase in their gate sales.


The master plan for the Zonal Security Guards was to have each Zonal Avenue / Street paying for the Zonal / Street Security Guards by having each Plot / Homestead contributing an equal amount to the security kitty. The zone had a Main Entrance Access Route from the Estate Main Avenue, which also needed to have a security guard at night and during daytime. To cater for this, two Guards were to be selected by having one Guard being obtained from each Zonal Street / Avenue in planned successions. One Guard was to operate the gate during the day while the other at night.


Due to greed and malicious intent, some residents then decided to scrap the idea and introduced independent Guards to operate the Main Zonal Gate. These guards were to be externally sourced and each homestead that had a vehicle required to pay extra charges at the main avenue gate. These monies were to be used to pay the security guards salaries / allowances. Assuming that each Zonal Avenue has 25 Homesteads and that the Zone has five ( 5 ) Avenues. Then the Total Number of Homesteads shall be 25 * 5 = 125 Homesteads. At the entrance street of the Main Zonal Entrance Avenue street, we have an additional 15 Homesteads thereby making a total of 140 Homesteads. The sample layout of the zone shall be as shown in the diagram below.



Diagram ILLUSTRATED BY MBATI V A for the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal.

Assuming that each Household pays 500 Shillings per month for Zonal Entry Gate Security Charges. The total money collected per month shall be : 500 Shillings * 140 Households = 70,000 Shillings.


Annual Gate Security Charges Collection will be  : 70,000 Shillings * 12 Months = 840,000 Shillings.


The gate can be manned by two (2) Guards at daytime and another two (2) at night. Each Guard shall be paid 10,000 Shillings. The total Monthly Security Guards salaries shall be 4 Guards * 10,000 Shillings = 40,000 Shillings.


Annual Guard Salaries shall be 40,000 Shillings * 12 Months = 480,000 Shillings.


Actual Gate Collections = 840,000 Shillings – Actual Security Guard Salary payments (480,000 Shillings) = 360,000 Shillings in excess for the Project Schemers’ to use as dubious payments to line their pockets.

As for the residents, they will find themselves making double security payments when in real sense they are only supposed to be making only one payment. Other residents may even go a step further by manipulating the Zonal Street / Avenue Residents to gate their Zonal Street / Avenue to Residents only. This further curtails free movement of people within the zone due to an individual’s self-centered interests.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal March 2017 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at : http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com

To avoid being questioned as to where the excess security money is spent. The schemers usually come up with innovative self enriching projects such as Zonal Avenues public spaces cleaning, Zonal Avenues road maintenance fees (even if this is a government project or power service providers initiative to safeguard their transformers from being vandalized ), Zonal open drainage repair and maintenance fees etcetera. In reality, the Project Schemers exploited these zonal projects as conduits to enrich themselves. With time, other residents decided to have their Zonal Avenues totally closed from other Zonal Areas until whole zones were excised from other Zones. In as much as this was beneficial to them, it is actually not beneficial for the estate at large. This is because residents who wanted to walk to the main Shopping Center at the entrance of the estate could not do so while using the estate alternative routes. They were forced to go to the Main Avenue, which exposed them to incessant traffic flow.


Residents who exercise within the estate could not do so as their movement was curtailed or restricted. As a resident, it is always advisable to have an alternative route that you can use in case of the unexpected for example when running away from contract killers that have been hired to kill you. The same-gated community restrictions always act as emergency response delay obstacles. This is so because, if the first responders take a wrong turn, they will have to go back to the main entrance before going to the actual area of response. Police patrols are also hindered, as they cannot move freely within the Estate Zones / Avenues. You therefore end up not having an alternative access or response route in case of an emergency. In some instances, when you enquire from the residents as to why they had their Region / Zone totally closed from other residents, you will be amazed by the ridiculous reasons that they give in the name of Comfort / Security.


Given the high stake of private money involved that officials could pocket through Project Prices Inflation; being an official meant that you had to ease on your ethics. If you decided to be a whistle-blower on the underhand dealings of the officials, then all the officials had no option but to defend their secret. They will even intimidate you so that you do not reveal their secret.


Should you become adamant, then they had no option but to have you killed. When they decide so, they will ensure that it is done irrespective of whether you are Armed, Have Armed Security / Guards or are trained in Paramilitary / Military tactics.


Another public amenity that these officials may use is to request residents to contribute money so that they could supply each Homestead / Plot with Piped Water or Alternative Piped Water. They can therefore use the Water Project to source for armatures to undertake the Water Piping Services and to provide Expert Consultancy Services as well. In reality, they will cut corners and then pocket the extra money for themselves.


These schemes do not just take place in Residential Estates but in most places that have / use shared amenities such as Apartments / Condors. We hope that you are now aware on what may happen when egocentric residents decide to use the residential security system for their own gain.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal March 2017 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at : http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com



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Mind Mining Education System




September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com



One of the most important phases in a person’s life is pursuing a good education. Your parents always ensure that you go to the best schools to acquire quality knowledge from the time you attain school going age till you reach the highest possible level of academia. In most instances, you never knew that education systems as we currently know them; actually came into being after the 19th century. It was at this time that industrialization had just started to flourish and so education was predicated to cater for industrialism. Subjects that were deemed as being the most useful in coming up with employees to work in this industries were given top priority in the education system.

You should by now have known that every education system on earth has the same hierarchy of subjects. At the top of these educational subjects hierarchy are Mathematics and Language subjects whereas Humanities subjects are always ranked at the bottom. This is simply because you are required to be able to listen to and to respond to whatever instruction that is being given to you. You are also required to know arithmetic so that you can be able to know how many hours of work your employer needs you to work and to account for money that you will incur or generate for your employer (this includes counting the wages that you will be paid after doing a satisfactory job at work).

In the Arts subjects for instance, emphasis is placed on the Art and Music subjects whereas Drama and Dance subjects are lowly ranked. This is because with Art, you can be able to decorate the workplace or draw signage to be used at the workplace to give instructions or show directions. Music subjects could be used to make you entertain employees at work so that they do not get bored or fall asleep on the job while working.


Drama and Dance subjects are discouraged because they distract you from working as you have to concentrate on watching the actors involved. They were therefore deemed as important for home entertainment.

The education system is predicated on the idea of academic ability where the more exams you pass with extremely good grades, the highly likely you are to get employed or to advance to the next level of education. As a result, this education system is designed to filter out extremely excellent students to have the opportunity to work as trainers. The system also lets the best employees to also be trainers. This closes the education loop by creating a continuous training of entrants into the system while solving trainer attrition as shown in the diagram below.


Diagram ILLUSTRATED BY MBATI V A for the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal September 2016 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at : http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com

Universities also distorted the academic system by designing their own institutionalized custom made mode of training students that suited their Image. This customization process has protracted to date.

As time progresses, more and more people worldwide are graduating in education, and this is as a result of advancements in technology (from where one can be able to undertake distance learning) and the effect of work transformation (which has resulted to employers increasing need of educated employees and especially those who have been trained in those fields of work that they have in their industries instead of having to train them afresh while on the job).

More people are also graduating worldwide because of Demography and the huge explosion of the population as the average lifespan of a human being to live on earth increases, while infant mortality decreases. The process of Academic Inflation has come into being as a result of this many people that are currently graduating. This is because we have too many people graduating at the same time with the same academic qualifications. They then flood the job market seeking for employment thereby leaving the employer with no choice but to filter out the number by employing only those applicants that have added qualifications.

 It should be noted that at this day and age, having a degree is not worth anything. Sooner or later, even having masters will be worth nothing unless you have other qualifications to supplement it.

The kind of education that you need is one that is customized for you, with creativity and literacy being treated on equal status. Such a kind of education encourages you to concentrate on things that you like or on things that you are good at in school instead of stigmatizing or devaluing them. Creativity in itself is achieved by being prepared to fail when you take a chance while delving into the unknown; since you have no idea of what will play out in the future. It is in these uncertainties that you become ready to take chances even thou you do not know anything. This may necessarily not equate to being creative.

On the other hand, the same people that came up with a need for education to create employees (servants) also had another system of education that was meant to create employers (masters). This other educational system has fundamentally rethought principals in which students are taught. They have also been made to be too costly beyond the reach of many so as to create fewer masters and plenty of slaves at their disposal.

This elevated educational system hierarchy has adopted a new concept of human ecology to that of a rich human capacity  and that which makes you to be able to know how highly talented , highly  creative and brilliant you are.


As for the employee customized education system aforementioned , the students mind is stripped to its basic capacity and then customized to cater for either the current employment or future employment requirements more or less the way we strip mine the earth for a particular mineral or commodity.

The elevated educational system has radically reviewed fundamental principles of teaching a child including the way in which intelligence is perceived. Intelligence being the intellectual capacity of humans which is in itself a complex topic but is basically the ability to learn, present problems and to solve problems.

The human brain has different parts, each with its own special properties that mutually interact in spite of the different ways that they perceive things. As a good student, you should be able to have the ability to operate the way your brain works.

With that insight, I now hope that you have been enlightened as to how the education system works and can now comfortably know if you are designed to come out of it as a slave or as a master.

This Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal September 2016 Article is provided as a free annual article for readers to sample Articles from one of our four yearly Diplomatic Lifestyle Journals  at http://www.diplomaticlifestyle.wordpress.com



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Gated Community Exploitation


You can be able to diversify your income when you use the following business ideas.


Creating an e book:

Times are changing rapidly, and with it, people are always endearing to catch up with what is currently trending so as to embetter themselves. Write about what you know or spend much time either doing / talking about. Sometimes this e book can be a course since people prefer learning things by searching for them online. This avenue can be used to create a subscription business where people get value for what they are exclusively paying for. If you have good content that people value, make sure to find a way of charging for it instead of giving it out for free.


Create a network:

If you have a huge following / fan base, then make money off it. You can use your following to get paid to feature a product / service at a fee. This feature can even be in the form of a blog post / status update for your site / fan page on a social networking site.The more friends / fans / followers that you have, the more money you can make. You can also make money from blogging for different publications. The better you write and the more following you get, then the more money you get are likely to get as payment. If you have a referral / affiliate program for a product / service, sign up and obtain your own unique URL which you can share and then get paid as your following / fan base subscribe to it / buy the product / click on the URL. If the company does not have an affiliate program, then enquire if they have an affiliate code.


Resource Utilization:

If you consistently do a specific task, then you are likely to have several templates / strategies of that task which you can package nicely and then sell to clients. Create a package that beginners in an industry or setting that is difficult to navigate at first can use e.g. An Introduction to XYZ or XYZ Basics. This package can also be sold to a company that is interested in using it as give away content to its customers.


Sell your Notes:

Take notes / videos on content that you love reading / watching or are studying or are researching on. You can then sell them (especially on things that teach people on how to do something on their own).


Create an Online Business:

This can be used to generate extra income by using your online business to transfer customer orders and shipment details to the manufacturer or another wholesaler / retailer; for them to ship the goods directly to the customer without you having to keep the aforementioned goods in stock.


Create a Job Agency:

Use your agency to find jobs / source for tenders which you can use to subcontract the awarded tenders / jobs to other people at a fee. You can also employ qualified people that are currently out of work to do the extra work so as to boost their work experience resume at a fee.



Freelancing can be scheduled alongside a regular job / routine as it centers on deliverables and not on hours worked. One such example is websites design, Apps Design, Software / Program Coding etc. You can also provide on demand consultancy services at a fee


By diversifying your income streams, then you shall not have to worry about one catastrophe impoverishing you someday. The worst thing that you can do for yourself is to rely on only one source for your financial livelihood. There are just too many things that are out of your control for you to ignore having multiple income streams.






A good investment always appreciates over time in order for you to make profits should you decide to sell it. Always consider the expected current income and the appreciation rate of any property before entering into a property deal. The most important advice in investment is that you should avoid the temptation of investing in too many areas. The stock exchange / the growing and emerging markets can be a good investment with the investor obtaining either good or terrible lessons from it.


First, there are brokerage fees and taxes that need to be paid to gains that are within the tax bracket.


Second, you need to have a good understanding of the stock exchange. You need to understand the terminologies, types of investors and some simple arithmetic. Then you need to decide if you are going to be an investor or a trader. All the same, you need to study market forces, volatility, values and some stocks. Volatility is the how and how often a stock changes its prices. Once you are able to master volatility, then you will have covered some distance in stock exchange.


Lastly, people make money and people loose money while trading in the stock markets. If you read widely / watch and listen to business news frequently, while understanding what happens on your desired stock positions, then you will enrichen yourself at the expense of those who loose. Stock market trading requires some good amount of starting capital in order for you to realize significant returns. Shares depreciate or appreciate. You are therefore not guaranteed of making profits at the end of the trading day.





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