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Welcome to the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal.


The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal offers content whose primary goal is to give you an insight as to how to live like a Diplomat while positioning yourself among the top 1% in the Social, Political and Economic spheres of the world’s population.


Be informed that the 1% Control the World. 4% are Sell Out Puppets. 90% are Asleep. 5% Know and are trying to Wake Up the 90% but the 1% Do Not Want the 5% to Wake Up the 90%. And that is the reason you must buy the Diplomatic Lifestyle journals.


The Journal is published on a quarterly basis and you can be able to subscribe for either the Hard Paper Magazine OR E – Magazine.


Editions are released in March , June , September and December in every year.


The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal covers a wide range of Diplomatic Etiquette and Trending Information to guide Diplomats or Aspiring Diplomats on how to conduct themselves on a wide range of issues or scenarios.


Readers are widely encouraged to be open minded and to interact on this site diplomatically.


Hard Copies are Costing 25 Dollars per Magazine  ( Exclusive of Shipment / Delivery Costs in Specific Regions ) whereas E – Copies are Costing 20 dollars per Magazine. E-Copies are also available in leading E-Book Sellers Worldwide.


Happy Reading and Chatting


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