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September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

A successful entrepreneur usually looks at the day to day life that we are living in and the things that are changing or need changing. From that observation, he or she then creates a business which eventually makes them to be rich in the long term.

Such entrepreneurs do not just build a company per se, but an industry that usually creates a significant impact on the way people live. In the end, they always find themselves changing the world as they ponder on the next frontier and innovation to implement.

The idea behind their success is to find out that which is missing or is needed and that which people can be given as a viable solution to their needs; because people are always interested in doing something that they need. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to take advantage of your strengths so as to get people to do that which you want them to do for you.

This article’s objective is to give you an insight into entrepreneurs or innovators who see the future and then risk their all by investing in those areas or businesses where other industry players can not dare to invest.

The most important personality that you need to have as an entrepreneur or innovator is to be a persevering and patient person. You should be able to build a business from scratch while using your own innovation or invention. Such a business set up requires you to tackle every step or process from its foundations and in complete detail without taking shortcuts. The aforementioned never takes places when you take over an existing business.

By being the first in whatever that it is that you are undertaking, you must start relatively small. Most people will initially disregard your innovation or invention over time as they have no clear idea on what you are doing or talking about.

After some time of relative thrashing on your innovation or invention, the breakthrough always happens and it is at such moments in time that the practicability of your innovation or invention becomes real and tangible to the nay Sayers. And since your trans-formative idea is the first in the industry, the impact thereof is usually beyond the scope that anyone could have imagined.

Being an industry pioneer, usually gives you a huge competitive advantage over any other person or business that will come into that domain or territory after you. Before new entrants come into play, you will have already curved an exclusive niche for yourself. It is this niche that you shall fully exploit so as to fully maximize on your profits and on your Returns on Investment.

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September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

One of the most important phases in a person’s life is pursuing a good education. Your parents always ensure that you go to the best schools to acquire quality knowledge from the time you attain school going age till you reach the highest possible level of academia. In most instances, you never knew that education systems as we currently know them; actually came into being after the 19th century. It was at this time that industrialization had just started to flourish and so education was predicated to cater for industrialism. Subjects that were deemed as being the most useful in coming up with employees to work in this industries were given top priority in the education system.

You should by now have known that every education system on earth has the same hierarchy of subjects. At the top of these educational subjects hierarchy are Mathematics and Language subjects whereas Humanities subjects are always ranked at the bottom. This is simply because you are required to be able to listen to and to respond to whatever instruction that is being given to you. You are also required to know arithmetic so that you can be able to know how many hours of work your employer needs you to work and to account for money that you will incur or generate for your employer (this includes counting the wages that you will be paid after doing a satisfactory job at work).

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September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

Wherever you go on earth, you must encounter a cartel. These cartels can be in many forms. The three main categories of cartels are:

  1. a) Social Cartels,
  2. b) Economic Cartels and,
  3. c) Political Cartels.

The best way to break these cartels is by cracking their secrecy code and then deciphering the language or protocol that they use. This can only be done through having an insider to penetrate the cartel and then relay the aforementioned to you.

For example, when you have a producers or suppliers cartel, the best way that you can break it is through forming another cartel of consumers, who will dictate how much they want to spend on commodities or services. This will be enabled through an insider who will reveal to you ways through which the producers or suppliers cartel operates.

Cartels in general, spread like viruses. They usually emerge from being a local problem and then expand into a regional or international threat. Cartels have their own sets of culture, rules and rituals which they enforce with death or violence. It therefore turns out that in whatever that it is that you are going to undertake so as to benefit yourself or better yourself; you shall have to deal with cartels. You will either have to get through them or across them. And for you to determine which route to take, you must know how cartels are structured and operate.

Once you encounter the cartel world, there is no turning back. In the cartel world, you are either with them or against them. If you are against them, you will either find yourself in hospital, in jail or dead. Cartels usually originate from an incubator. This is a Place / Common Vision and Mission that is rife for them. The incubator is then safeguarded by whatever means possible. The cartel starts through a banding together of a group of persons with common goals and interests so as to counter their suppression or sidelining. These cartel initiators usually become the cartel leaders and they usually hide themselves in safe territories or system structures from where they can not be reached unawares. This therefore makes it very difficult for them to be located.

So how are these cartels structured?

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September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

When beginning your journey as a driver, you always begin not knowing what lies ahead. A journey can suddenly turn out to be disastrous, since each road has its own combinations of dangerous factors that can easily transform it from being an everyday medium of convenience into a death trap.

Some of the factors that you need to consider include but are not limited to the following:

  1. a) Road Design:

Most roads were constructed when there wasn’t too much traffic in the areas that they traversed partly because these areas were either sparsely populated or not populated at all. But with time, due to urbanization or a need for more housing, people started flocking into these areas. As the population increases, the road starts to cater for increased traffic which it was not initially designed for.

When a two way single lane road that was designed to cater for smaller vehicles starts to cater for bigger vehicles such as trucks or buses, then  vehicles will have to veer off road when concurrently passing the same section of the road or risk being involved in an accident such as having a fatal head on collision.

The shoulder of the road can also be very dangerous when veering off the road due to critical frictional changes on the car tires as the driver tries to remount the road shoulder. Pavement edge drop offs can also decrease the drivers ability to maintain full control of the vehicle when veering off the side of a tarmacked road and when attempting to return onto the road since the car tires tend to slip resulting to the vehicle being out of control.

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September 2016 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

The things that people do to attain pleasure or to forget their worldly perils can sometimes leave you in shock. This is because , the extent at which some people misuse drugs for pleasure at the expense of their health has become a daily tragedy that can no longer be ignored. In this article, we are going to give you a brief insight as to how disastrous methamphetamine can be.

The initial use for met-amphetamine as was envisaged by the Japanese Government was to keep troops awake during World War 2. Allied bomber pilots used the drug so as to enable them endure long flights. This was possible as the drug gets rid of fatigue and enhances productivity. After the war, the Japanese public started to obtain the drug from military supplies for personal or private use. It is at this point that the abuse of met-amphetamine started to be prevalent and to grow to unprecedented levels.

Met-amphetamine attracts it’s users by making them feel energized, confident and euphoric. It is this out of reality feeling (which is usually psychological and not physical) that excites people to use the drug. During the industrial revolution and even at present, people use met-amphetamine to enable them work for more shifts or hours so as to earn an extra income.

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