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This article enlightens you on how some Luxury Fashion Labels / Shops stereotype people, why they stereotype people and how they generalize the way that they portray people. The article also explains how you can sell products / services through Acclamation, Obstruction and Appearance Profiling. The article further explains what organizations do when it comes to Product Return Policy.


This article shows you the basics of Investing and Stock Trading. It also explains the C, C + and C – types of People that you shall encounter in everyday living.


This article gives you the intrigues that surround Gated Communities when unscrupulous residents with egocentric ideas decide to influence or manipulate the Residential Decision Making Process or Organs.


This article details how Lending Institutions manipulate Interest Payments, which in turn make it expensive for Borrowers to pay their loans. You are also informed as to how you may find yourself paying for the loan several months past the stated loan clearance date / loan payment duration.


 This article explains the misuse of Nicotine as a drug and the side effects of using it. Nicotine was first used as an agricultural insecticide and is addictive to the user. Always aim at knowing the drug that you are using / want to use to avoid unwarranted health implications that should have been avoided in advance.

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This article gives you an insight on how money was introduced, the intrigues that ensued after currency was introduced and how paper currency originated. The article further gives you an insight on how the government manipulates money, why the government introduced government bonds / treasury bills and how the United States dollar became a currency that world governments pegged their national currency on. The article further enlightens you on how banks create virtual money that does not correspond to the physical cash on their bank vaults. The article shows how banks invest your money to make profits and the implications thereof. The article also makes you aware of crypto currency as an alternative form of physical currency.



This article gives you an insight as to why the rich continue getting richer while the poor continue getting poorer. The article also gives you business examples that the rich use to come up with business plans that source for massive populations buying into the idea. The population then gets to buy into their ideas. This ends up making the rich richer while draining money from the poor at the poor people’s expense.



This article shows you how the rich use influential networks so as to land lucrative deals for themselves. These influential networks sell their influence to the highest bidder whereas these businessmen will buy that influence in exchange of lucrative favors. These mutual deals can take place without considering the negative repercussions that the populace will have to undergo.



This article enlightens you on ways that celebrities get food poisoning. The article also details on some types of food poisoning drugs and counter measures that you can use so as to avoid food poisoning / to avoid eating poisoned food.



This article gives you an insight on cocaine as a drug. Did you know that Coca Cola used to include Coca leaves as one of its ingredients? The article will show you how cocaine works, the side effects of cocaine and the original use of cocaine.

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If you want to understand how current leading industry players managed to reach where they are. This is the article to read. This   article gives you an insight as to how you can stop dealing with bosses who will pay you wages that are just enough to get you by and to start dealing with clients. Clients that shall enable you to start building your own empire as you enjoy being amongst the world’s top ranking King Pins. It will then be up to you to decide whether you want to live like a pauper servant or as an established industry player.



Education is vital for everyone. But did you know that we have two types of education systems in the world. You can be taught to be a lifetime servant / employee or to be a master / employer; based on the type of education system that you find yourself in. Read along for more insights.



This article gives you an insight as to how cartels are formed, organized and run. In life you will encounter either one of the three cartels. These are: Social Cartels, Political Cartels, and Economic Cartels. For you to be able to know how to counter them, then this article is a must read. Instead of complaining on how your favorite candidate was not voted into office, OR on the latest financial scandal in town/ on the latest criminal gang killings in town; read this article and get enlightened on the ongoing behind the scenes reportage.



As a driver, there is more to driving than acquiring a driving license and a vehicle to drive. This article sensitizes you on some of the obvious dangers on the road that we usually take for granted. Our hope is that you will take your time to read the article so that the next time you are driving, you shall be able to keep your eye on the road as you drive safely on every unknown blind spots that you shall encounter on the road.



Drug abuse is one of the most dangerous behaviors that can affect a celebrity. As a diplomat or successful entrepreneur, you would not want to find yourself wasted by drug abuse. This includes the people who are closest to you or are working for you. This article gives you an overview of met-amphetamine. Did you know that the drug can make you stay awake for longer periods of time while not feeling hungry? This characteristic of the drug made people to use it so as to work longer periods of time while earning lots of money in return. Read this article for more information.



This article gives you a process that you can implement in a real life scenario so as to rid yourself from bondage into freedom. This bondage can either be Social, Political or Economic. This step by step guide to gaining freedom may be the solution that you have been looking for. Go ahead and read the article in the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal, then give us your feedback.

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