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June 2017 EDITION| diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

Running for Public or Political Office can be easy or tough depending on the campaign strategy that you are using. Before running for any office, you must:

* Identify your vantage points or links.

* Identify your loose / weak points or links.

* Identify your networks.

* Study your opponent or opponents in detail.

* Study the political system in detail.

* Understand the philosophy behind the formation of a Political Party.


Once you have done the above six points, you are now set to begin vying for office. You should note that campaigns never start on the year of elections or a year before elections. Instead, campaigns always begin immediately after an election has been conducted. This is so because you need ample time to approach your voters or create voter apathy. During this period, you shall be slowly announcing your presence to the electorate through various long term or short-term projects. The actual announcement that you intend to vie for political office shall be made at least a year to the actual elections. The delay in stating that you are running for office is deliberately so in order to give you ample time to study your opponents. You shall also be avoiding incessant criticism or scathing attacks on you by your opponents as you prepare yourself for the actual elections campaign.


           Silent Campaign Strategies include and are not limited to:

* Setting up a Foundation to assist the Vulnerable and the Poor as a Social Responsibility:  For example, providing Education Scholarships, Building / Repairing Social Infrastructure such as classrooms or public toilets or public hospitals etc. The Foundation can also fund Initiatives such as School Feeding Programs, Institutions against Social Injustices such as Honor Killings or Female Genital Mutilation or Arranged Marriages etc. These high impact projects enable you to be widely known.

* Engaging the Community in sourcing for areas that they require assistance in: This can be used to formulate your Campaign Manifesto. You can also use the Voters request to directly engage relevant Stakeholders for action to be taken. As a result, they shall start to trust you as a person who keeps his / her word. They shall even begin to encourage you to run for Office, as you are better than the current Office Holder. This one on one approach with Voters always makes them know you as being a man / woman of the people. Voters hate Office Holders who never interact with them once they are in Office only to emerge soliciting for votes during the Campaign Period.

* Networking with Individuals that have a massive following or that can rally huge numbers of genuine Crowds to vote for you: By working with such people, they enable you to gain inroads to Voters that you could not be able to reach. You can then exploit this opportunity to amass a huge following of your own. This is always a good idea especially when the person referring you to them decides to ditch you for another Candidate or when they discover your intentions.

* Acquire a Media House i.e. a Radio Station or Newspaper or Television Station: This Media House is to be used to secretly campaign for you through the Stations Viewership or Listeners. Why waste a lot of money on campaign posters when you can reach potential Voters at the comfort of their home or as they undertake their daily chores while reading, listening or viewing their favorite Station or Magazine.

* Acquire a Bank or a majority Share Holding in a Bank / Financial Institution: Campaign Funding shall be Channeled or Funneled through the Bank / Financial Institution without easily raising eyebrows as some people may want to contribute anonymously to your Campaign. Smart Campaign Funding Techniques include having someone contributing anonymously for your Campaigns or Depositing Campaign Money through a second or third Party such as a Hedge Fund / Partner Company etc. The Hedge Fund / Partner Company shall then contribute to your political campaign as proxies. Sometimes, you have to operate using Cash. This requires you to set up properly concealed and secure hiding places (not place) of the monies in case of impromptu raids or thefts to sabotage your Campaign / Campaign Funding.


 NB: Never ever, have a single point of failure that shall destroy you or leave you helpless when the failure actually occurs.


* Be a Created Celebrity: A Created Celebrity is a person that has been turned into a celebrity status especially by Media e.g. Radio, Television, Social Media etc. You can use this status to gain Voters, as you are widely known by them. Such Celebrity Status may include being a News Anchor, being a Journalist, being a Musician etc. You can also gain Celebrity Status when working as a Senior Government Official. A scandal under your docket or purview may catapult you into Power as you fight those accusing you of malpractices, abuse of office or you may exploit the office for Political gains.

* Register a Political Party: During Nominations, you may not be able to be a major Party’s preferred Candidate. Instead of running as an Independent Candidate, you can use your Party to run for Office. Where possible, your Party shall give other losing Candidates a lifeline to run for election instead of also running as Independent Candidates. If a size-able number of these candidates are elected into office, your party may end up being a major player in the Country’s Politics or Legislature. In case, the winning Party failed to attain the required threshold and your Party can provide the missing threshold; you shall find yourself being a powerful individual in the ruling Coalition or Government.


Having laid a firm foundation, it is now time to start your Political Campaign. To attract crowds during your campaign tours, you need an entourage of people and vehicles. Hiring crowds and vehicles to transport them is a common scenario for wealthy politicians. In some instances, you shall be forced to hire sleeping quarters for them during the campaign tours. This may be costly for you so the cheaper alternative is to get your friends and supporters or allies to do so at their own cost. With them incurring much of the cost, you may be able to chip into the kitty to subsidize their expenses. In exchange for all this, you shall be obliged to repay them in kind once you get into office. This may be in the form of giving them Senior Government Jobs, Tenderpreneuring etc. See the Diplomatic Lifestyle journal December 2016 Edition: Network Profitalization Article. This shall enable you to have huge turnouts during your campaign stopovers and to enter campaign rallies in style. This shall be possible, as your mobile crowds will provide you with the initial crowds to address. Passersby will then be attracted to find out what is going on out of curiosity. The vehicle convoy also portrays you as a person of means that is not seeking Political Office to squander Public Funds or Resources.


During your campaigns:

* Use Social Media Platforms to create hype and motivate potential voters to attend your rally.

* Always fact check your opponent instead of being involved into abusive campaigns, which might cost you the vote.

* As a party Head or Political Kingpin, always use your disciples to fight the battle of words while mudslinging the opponent in any way possible. These disciples can be your friends or supporters especially the ones helping you have a campaign convoy or crowd.


When discussing risky issues, the rule is to always discuss them orally and not in meetings where you can be easily recorded or the issue is recorded in minutes of board meetings etc. This is deliberately so, to create an evidence firewall. Your opponents shall always be on the lookout for anything that shall taint your integrity and character in order to get you out of the way. With the correct strategy, you can give yourself a political lifeline by using the malignment to your own advantage. When campaigning, most Politicians tend to be empty on issues that rally the Community. They instead give up emotions and distort facts. The best solution is for you to identify common problems that affect the Community and then identify solutions for them. You should then put implementing periods for the solutions once you get into office. By coming out of your comfort zone, you will be able to give Voters a plan that can benefit them once it is implemented.  This in turn, gets them to vote for you. When communicating to Voters, always come clear in terms of communication to be able to reach more numbers. Sharpen your message and make it simple in a way that a normal Citizen can easily digest or understand. When your opponent attacks, always find a way of besieging him or her. Once surrounded, attack your opponent and keep them on the defensive as you continue to move your front forward. This always leaves your opponent with no option but to surrender. The key point being that you should be able to see eight moves ahead of your competitor. This should be so because; the place that you are used to is not where you should be.


There is more than one way to control your subjects.

* Introduce an element of doubt by discouraging a debate or by introducing a debate to delay Action / the momentum to pass legislation that may inhibit you from getting voted into Office.

* Introduce conspiratorial elements to sway the Voters to your point of view.

* Form a belief or encode information into Voter’s memory such that it becomes  difficult for them to dislodge it, as they believe it to be true even when it is false.


You cannot make news from media. This is because they choose what to write as they have an audience to please and are in business. Set up Watchdog Groups within your Campaign Team to keep track on what most Publishers write or Broadcaster’s air. In case they broadcast or write a maligning piece on you, then your team shall apply their own counter attack and skirmish the Broadcaster or Publisher. The team ensures that the Broadcaster or Publisher is subjected to intense criticism. By doing so, you ensure that the only thing that they have to say (be it Print Media or Television or Radio) is what you want them to say else you will not let them speak. In Media Houses, there are only Facts and Spins or Alternative Facts. To have an escape route, always create a story out of an issue that you can exploit in the future. When cornered by Media Houses, you can always use the incidence as clear evidence. Learn the art of using your position to suppress others without them knowing. If push comes to shove, you may be forced to prepare a significant propaganda material to sell to the people; which in reality is nonexistent. The trick is to make people look the other way at your distraction while you undertake your duties on the other end (where they are not looking). Creating big distractions may help you stop or stall investigations or negative news as you recover. If you want something, you fight for it, you go for it and you search for it.


You always fight for what you know is right even if it means that you have to die for it. Taking a last minute decision is never a very good idea especially if you have to make a desperation move. Know what you are doing, know how you are doing it and obtain a consensus on the result or outcome. A case to ponder about is when someone leaks your campaign emails to the public two days to the elections or a list of all your private and public contributors to your campaign with the amount each contributed.


Politicians are always trying to get or figure out new ideas and packages to create a narrative for themselves. In most instances, they always exploit existing ideas and packages to create that narrative. The Political Class usually represents this narrative to get the Voter to always be at their mercy. Always remember to have a Backup Plan or Strategy in case your narrative fails. A narrative can also be initiated through a change-making forum from where the next generation of actors and ideas are addressed / deliberated upon. It should however be noted that in politics, a new generation of voters with new voting narratives or ideas always emerges every 20 – 25 years with 30 years being at the extreme end. The proliferation of social media and the widespread use of social media has also made it difficult for anyone to suppress the release / access to information. Politicians always get behind media campaigns as it acts as a charm offensive to Potential Voters.

When the going gets tough, you may be forced to come up with a fabrication that does not serve State Interests but other interests. This fabrication may be used as a strategy to target the emotional part of the voter or to create voter apathy. A dossier can be produced to support the fabrication, which may be true or false. As long as no information has been collected to indicate the lie to be fact, then by default it is considered a lie. In your defense, you can spin the lie as Alternative Fact. Campaign pressure can force you to deliberately create a clear and strategic relation with the people in power. Your collusion with them may eventually turn into cooperation. You may finally end up enthusiastically complying with them as you look for and come up with ideas that the public wants to hear. A dossier that you may have tactically presented may be verified and proven as false. Since it is the campaign period and this may cost you the vote, you may be forced to ignore the Verification Report. As a Politician, you can blame the Intelligence Agency or Investigating Institutions for doing a shoddy job at verifying the dossier. The lie has to be defended to the latter. This can be done by instigating an official inquiry to have the report investigated. You usually use this investigation to come up with a Staged Decision. A fictitious fact-finding information office can be created. This office shall bypass actual set Intelligence Institutions or Investigating Institutions to translate mere allegations into official policy. Pressure is then put on the Intelligence / Investigative Agency or Institution to come up with a conclusion / decision that you and other politicians had already reached and/or through cutting corners. The resulting cleverly sanitized version of the document can then be used to make official the spinned allegations that have been taking place for a while. This documentation is then used to create headlines that will sway the thinking or opinion of the Populous / Voters. The original document will then be ignored, as it shall be deliberately made to come out as a conflicting report. Conflicting in the sense that, there shall be numerous alternative opinions and a lot of questioning opinions due to doubt. This doubt can be instigated when questionable evidence is presented during the dossier investigation / verification in order to influence crucial decisions for political gain. Public opinion is then rallied with the dossier, which is conveniently revealed and circulated to so called clients as an explosive document. The aforementioned is a typical example of an Aggressive Deception Technique.


NB: Peace is bad for business while war is good for business as there are People or Entities that benefit immensely from such an endless conflict.


During Aggressive Deception, plausible theories and possible eyewitnesses are always ignored. In the aggressor’s world, his or her word scenario rules while their / your word runs second. If you give in to a Politician’s manipulation, the same Politician will willingly kick you out into the cold once he or she is through with using you for personal gain.


Fighting media wars will be a normal part of your political campaign. Always be on the lookout for any signs of maligning media campaigns that are currently existing or emerging. All you need is to be able to see the smear campaign in advance and never ignoring it; including any possible warning that it is / was in the horizon. You can then begin by characterizing the press on how honest or dishonest their media was / is on covering your election campaigns. As previously alluded to, some Politicians do own Media Stations / Houses. Some campaign information must always be kept in a Tight Hole. A Tight Hole occurs when you decide to deliberately not disclose what your campaign investigations has found out or is finding out during its investigations. This information is made to be highly classified as it may give your competitors crucial information that may cost you the vote. In fact, it is always advisable to dodge commenting on unsubstantiated and explosive allegations.


Media Stations either report the news or influence the news depending on whether they are liberal or biased. When you believe that, it is your religious duty to correct a mistake or wrongful news reporting on your political campaign, widespread media criticism should be expected. By making the criticism to be so liberal and blanketed, your possibility of succeeding in discrediting Media Houses remains high. You can even launch a scathing assault on the truth by destroying the Voters or Society’s critical capability of determining what is true by legitimizing falsehood. It should however be noted that Media Readers or Listeners or Viewers are smart enough to understand what You / The Writer/ The Reporter is saying without calling a spade a spade / having to push back on getting dragged into the politicians war. There is no strategy without a fail-safe. With the correct media campaign strategy, you can easily rise from tactful smear campaign challenges and emerge victorious, as the stakes can never be higher. Always practice the art of winning a debate and the major narrative around the debate by making a story or producing a story in a way that you want it propelled. When the press is busy sourcing and pestering you for news articles or footage, you can exploit this opportunity through creating a blur between prime time news and entertainment. This can be done by making major announcements during prime time thereby making news irrespective of how Media Stations work. Media Stations will not mind that as long as your dramatic altercations are bringing viewers back to the screens while you set up a story where you are the hero while others are villains. You can also make the press to not be about information but to be there to be seen by making direct announcements to the Population or Voters through other means such as Social Media or State Media. To manipulate the way stories are being released or revealed to the media, you can decide to be an Authentic Fake. This Authentic Fake may be used by you to play media rules to the real you (which you shall conceal from the media at all cost). When the media tries to catch up with the real you, diversionary measures can be undertaken through surprise reveals or changes in persona or persona redirects / misdirects. This tactic is good as it enables you to protect those who are closer to you, by protecting yourself and getting or staying out of troublous distractions.




June 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

The Pharisees were the original propagators of wealth. They used to be numbered 6,000 at any moment in time. They exploited theology by highly esteeming material wealth as a way of showing off, how Holy / Spiritual they were. Modern day Politicians / the 1% have mastered the art of the Pharisees and taken it to greater levels. The whole Country or World is being held at ransom by an Elite that refuses to see bigger National or Public Interests. These interests need to be put in place so as to embetter the lives of the Citizenry. Just as the Pharisees, Politicians are very good at playing the game of wanting to impress everyone. This is not what they practice internally as they tend to be egocentric.


Famines are caused by people who can prevent them if they want. You may experience bad weather; especially in the tropics where heat is balanced by monsoon winds (which bring rain). When the monsoon winds fails, then you have a drought. Drought is always a constant problem and famine should never be a problem. This is because; food can be obtained from those areas within the Country with plentiful supply to be redistributed to those areas that lack. Famines also take time to develop. The Government therefore has ample time to put in place proper food security measures to alleviate its side effects. The occurrence of a drought can never be a disaster when stakeholders acquire the proper knowledge, the right resources and means to counter famine. Moreover, the price of food always tends to escalate when its demand outstrips its supply. Governments were therefore forced to intervene during famine when the markets of demand verses supply started to deteriorate the famine situation. As a result, the Government was forced to take over food distribution.


This food distribution can be Good / Worse depending on:

* The instruments that the Government is using to distribute food.

* Where the Government is sourcing for food.

* How the Government is sourcing for food.


There is a lot of money at stake during times of natural disasters and Politicians exploit this opportunity to the maximum. They always put in place machinations that hinder negotiations on means of plugging the disaster menace due to egocentric reasons.


The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal is a publication of the Sanfordestroe Company.

Copyright all rights reserved. Errors and Omissions Exempted.


 So how are these failures orchestrated?

* Politicians may deliberately put in place policies that lead to the unnecessary suffering and pain of People. For example, by encouraging Citizens to grow Crops for Export instead of growing Food Crops and then exporting the surplus. This goes along with the issue of Marginalization. The Government may be in possession of land that has been reverted to it Or Leased Land whose lease is expiring. Instead of leasing it to Squatters / Landless Citizens to farm Food Crops, it decides to lease it to Ranchers or the 1%. You then end up a Scenario where the Ranchers own 90% of the land while the rest are struggling over the remaining 10%. The Administration will then pretend to be issuing Title Deeds to a select few individuals to show that they are also allocating land to deserving locals. The only problem being that a majority of the Citizens will still be Squatters or Landless.

* Officials from the Local Level or On the Ground may conceal disaster information from their Seniors, Other Citizens / Outsiders. This may be because of the Bad Policies / Choices that they had instigated and that are now causing famine or an increase in food prices. When the crisis becomes known (albeit too late), Politicians always shift the blame. The National Government will blame the Devolved or Local Government for not performing and vice versa. Such a tactic is always explored so as to confuse / fool the Voter or Citizen.

*   The Government or Politicians may instigate a tactful response to a Disaster / Problem. They will therefore keep quiet while expecting to put  the situation under control. If the Hunger or Disaster is in the areas of the Politician’s Opponents, then they may take that as a blessing in disguise.

A blessing because:

 ++ In cases of war, then it will help you win the war.

++ During elections, the incumbent will use the food aid as a way of creating Voter apathy at the expense of his or her opponents.


In reality, it will be the Government’s policy that deliberately caused the famine. If not, then the failures of the Government to curb the famine may have resulted to a famine that could have been averted.

NB: Keep your plans firmly to yourself until you have the winning plan.





June 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

A Financial Engineer always builds Logical Dreams for his or her Clients. When these dreams turn into a physical nightmare, the Client and Public will pay for it. A Financial Engineers Agenda is to privatize profits to the 1% while socializing losses to the 99%. Politicians in power, always collude with Senior Government Officials to create a Country’s Financial Stability or Instability. All this is possible through Physical or Virtual Currency Manipulation. When the Country’s economy is stable, financial malpractices are hardly noticed by the ordinary Citizen. However, when the Country’s finance becomes unstable, the ordinary Citizen instantly realizes that something is amiss. This is because his or her purchasing power reduces and tax increases are effected. In some instances, the tax bracket is widened to capture low-income Citizens that are exempt from paying taxes such as Income Tax. This exemption is needed to enable them meet the most basic of needs. Politicians always collude with the 1% to put in place tax policies that favor them. The 99% on the other hand, are forced to work for longer hours and are encouraged to acquire debt as wealth disparities increase.


Politicians always collude with the 1% while seeing the rest of the Citizens as numbers and not people. After all, its big money that always influences the swing of the election. The voice of the Voter is mostly never heard but that of the Rich Person as most Voters do not know how to vote based on issues. This is worsened when the Voter is not bothered by the mistakes that are made by Politicians. The Voter may decide to ignore these mistakes and then vote for the Politician based on the wrong reasons, ethnicity, racism etc. Some Politicians and the 1% may become ingenious enough to engage themselves in Tax Evasion. When added with Financial Mismanagement and a Skewed Public Policy that favors the 1%, the Country’s Economy or Currency can rapidly collapse. As usual, Politicians may not grasp the gravity of the situation. They will instead claim to be having ample time to deal with the collapse. Instead, they will prioritize the agenda of fulfilling their Election Mandate or Promises over the Looming Financial Crisis.


The Finance Ministry or Department will then be tasked with the mandate of dealing with the Financial Instability. To maintain the Status Quo, Politicians usually begin a spending spree on Paid Publications. They pay Writers, Scholars, and Financial Experts etc to write a Review, Report or Article etc in favor of the Country’s Financial Stability. A series of meetings then take place at the Finance Ministry or Department to create a manipulated economic deficit. The Government’s budget can even be manipulated with figures that greatly deviate from actual budget figures. This is done to cover up the extent at which the Country’s financial instability is actually headed to. Government Officials and Politicians may decide to propagate repeated fraud in Government Accounts, a systemic deception on the financial ability of the Country and to avail unrealistic statistics to support their claims. When this matter is finally discovered, nothing that emanates from these Government Officials / Politicians will be trustworthy as their previous figures or statistics were false or wrong. When the Public is finally made aware that the Finance Department, Ministry or Government at large was doing something fishy, borrowing costs automatically sky rocket and cheap sources of borrowing tend to dry up (as Lenders safeguard their money from risky borrowers). At such times, the Country’s Economy always begins to struggle while endangering the entire Country’s Economy.


Everything will be gone in an instant as Companies shut down and Financial Institutions decide to shut people out to safeguard their Capital Base, Asset Base or Capital Reserves ( to stop them from Collapsing / Declaring Bankruptcy). Politicians and the 1% usually get worried at such times, as they know that Financial Institutions are shutting people out for other reasons and not because of the Country’s Currency being at stake. The real reason being that they want to avoid having a system, which will trigger a thorough scrutiny of their Assets and Liquidity. This therefore makes it necessary to have everything remaining afloat or else these Financial Institutions shall be forced to declare bankruptcy. However, Financial Institutions always collude with Politicians and Senior Government Officials to ensure they do no fail (as they claim that they are too big to fail).




June 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

To build an empire, you need information. You then use this information to become the mechanism that moves the Economics, Financial Machines or Wealth Creation Machines. If you choose to play safe because you think opportunities are closing up on you, then those opportunities will actually be closed.

To be able to create Wealth or maintain your Wealth Status:

 * Focus on what you are doing, work hard and stay out of trouble: When you are using yourself as a brand to make money, avoid making bad luck choices. This is because Organizations will have nothing to do with you once they see your imperfections as you are no longer valuable to them. They are in the game of making money and so they spend money on you to make more.

* Avoid Distractions or Sideshows: Always be Contrite, learn from experience and do all that you have to do for the betterment of your job or investment. Nobody cares about you when you are poor, miserable and trending in the wrong direction. Act like a Professional in whatever that it is that you do. Monetize your Friendships by constantly checking your Social Media, Friends, Leisure Activities etc to avoid being involved in a Scandal or being broke. Remember, great deals are always done in funerals as people always get to think more about life when they are faced with the reality of death.

* Avoid Activities or People that are bleeding you dry: No matter how much money you give such people or spend in such activities, they will always want more or will require you to spend more. If you want to take care of your family and friends, you must start by taking care of yourself first.




June 2017 EDITION | diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

When you make a Deal or Decision, be very careful as it can get you killed. Roving Agents may be sent to kill you by Injecting or Smearing Poison into your Body. These Agents or Operatives are usually Highly Trained, Elite Police or Military Agents who are currently working or Have Previously worked for the Government. One of the most potent chemicals that can be used to poison you is the VX Agent. This poison has the capability of being delivered in its binary form. Two Agents can be used to administer the poison to your skin. Each Agent shall be given one component of the poison, which they will apply, on predetermined areas of the target victim such as your Face or Hand (for example when they greet you). The components of the poison or the poison itself can also be applied through spraying or by wiping it on your body. When the two components combine, they make a deadly VX Agent poison. Once the mission is complete, the hit squad always disappears into oblivion while the poison slowly takes effect on the intended victim.


It should be noted that the VX Agent evaporates very slowly. This makes it possible for you to be duped into spraying pure VX into your body if the spray bottle contents are switched or combined with the VX Agent e.g. Body Spray or Deodorant


A Binary Agent consists of 2 Chemicals. When these chemicals are on their own, they are relatively non-toxic, but when they are mixed, they form a Chemical Agent. The VX Agent can be split into a binary form that consists of QL Agent and Elemental Sulfur. On their own, both components are non-toxic but when they mix, they react to form a deadly VX Agent. The VX Agent is usually found as a viscous liquid similar in texture to honey. It is also colorless, odorless and tasteless.


The VX Agent is highly toxic when it is exposed to the skin and you only need a microscopic amount of the VX Agent to kill a person.

NB: A single drop of VX Agent can kill you in seconds.

The origins of the VX Agent date back to the early 1950s when a British Scientist (Ranajit Ghosh) developed the V Series of Nerve Agents while researching pesticides. The V stands for Venom.

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